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Korugi Facial massage
Eastern therapies

Rejuvenating facial massage - Korugi - to look years younger

No matter what age every woman is, she wants to look young and beautiful. Do you know that there is a massage that can change the face oval, lift the cheekbones, clear puffiness, shape the face contour, hydrate the skin and tighten it, and what is most important - make you look a few years younger? This is the Japanese Korugi massage – a rejuvenating facial massage.

When you come to PADMALAYA, you can forget about your worries and simply relax and rest, enjoy the time that you have devoted to yourself... and then leave the massage studio not only more relaxed, but looking even more attractive and radiant then before. Korugi is a very special experience and its effects will make you feel happy for a long time.

What is Japanese Korugi anti-aging facial massage?

Korugi is a rejuvenating firming massage. It shapes the face contour and reduces the oval, giving you a youthful appearance and can make you look younger than your age by up to 7 years.

Korugi is a technique originating from the Korean folk medicine that was brought to Japan around 2006.

In the times of Korean beauty method boom, this rejuvenating massage became widely known on the island, but Korean women still enjoy this popular cosmetic procedure.

Unlike other rejuvenating facial treatments, the application of this Japanese anti-aging facial tightening and rejuvenating massage is a little different.

Conventional techniques work directly on the skin. In Japanese facial massage the focus is on the bones, facial muscles and lymphatic system. The practitioner’s palms, fingers and knuckles treat the bones to encourage the waste removal accumulated between them. Massage oils are also applied in order tension and chafing of the skin to be avoided.

What are the Korugi Face Massage benefits?

- Improves lymphatic flow by clearing accumulated slags and waste

- Eliminates puffiness and water retention

- Improves moisture in the skin - Hydrates and nourishes the skin

- Relaxes tense muscles and visibly clears accumulated stress, fatigue and tension

- Shapes the face contour by tightening the skin and lifting the oval

- Visibly rejuvenates the face, giving it a slim and radiant look

How is the face rejuvenated and the oval tightened when Korugi is applied?

In Korugi facial muscles and bones are stimulated by pressing, massaging and tapping. This bone stimulation increases body temperature and metabolism, improves lymph flow and circulation, and promotes tissue oxygenation. Thus tension and anxiety built up over time are eliminated. The massage promotes better lymphatic drainage and removal of stagnant waste, which reduces puffiness in the eye, jaw and neck areas. The improved blood circulation smooths the sagging face skin, tones it and has a lifting contour and cheekbones effects. You will surely like it.

The result is wonderful – a rejuvenated and beautiful face. Your face becomes thinner and finer because of the removed swellings, the skin glows thanks to the oils applied. The contour of the face is visibly reduced and lifted, and the loose skin is tightened.

It is no coincidence that the Japanese, who adore beautiful faces, are crazy about this anti-aging massage.

What is the feeling when Korugi is applied?

Korugi stimulates the bones, so it's not exactly a relaxing massage. You may even feel a little discomfort - the more waste products have been accumulated, the stronger the discomfort can be. The effect, however, does not depend on how much discomfort you feel- the feeling is quite individual, and the effect depends on the therapist’s skills.

How long Korugi facial rejuvenating effects last and how many procedures you need?

Many women feel refreshed and with reduced facial swelling immediately after leaving the studio. However, this is a personal impression and each woman feels differently. If it seems to you that there is no change, just wait a day or two, because some women feel the effect later. In the next one or two weeks, you will see in the mirror a fresher and younger face with a raised contour and tightening of the loose skin.

Although it is easy to feel the effect of this anti-aging massage after the first session, it will last up to 2 weeks. This is because once the waste matter has been cleared it will accumulate again during your daily life if you are constantly under stress.

The effect can last longer by applying Korugi regularly. Applied regularly, Korugi preserves the youthful appearance of the skin for a long time. With four or five consecutive sessions, you will keep the youthful appearance for a long time and you will see an increasingly better effect after each procedure.

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