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Reiki - Energy therapy
Eastern therapies

What is Reiki and why it is used?

Perhaps you have heard of Reiki, but you don't know exactly whether it is a massage, a therapy, a relaxing method or a healing technique... We will tell you everything important about Reiki and what you need to know before you come for a Reiki session.
Reiki – this is the miraculous energy therapy. Its name comes from the Japanese words rei, "universal wisdom, knowledge," and ki, which refers to life energy, also called spiritual energy or life force that is all around us and inside us.

This system was discovered by the Japanese Mikao Osui and works on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. It is even more curious that in certain cases it can also function remotely.

Actually, Reiki is an energy healing technique. Through gentle touch the therapist reduces stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation. Reiki belongs to the so-called holistic methods and it not only works with the symptoms, but also deals with the causes of diseases by clearing energy blockages in the organs. Thus, it reduces the risk of the disease returning to your body.

Reiki practitioners are trained to use their hands so that they receive and transmit the spiritual life energy, to improve the energy flow and its balance in the body. Thus Reiki maintains or restores the good condition on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Who are Reiki sessions suitable for and why Reiki treatment?

For everyone - adults and children, women and men, people in perfect health or with some diseases. Reiki works on your whole self – mind, body and emotions. Benefitting from this universal life energy can be successful in all kinds of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It supports and maintains the good condition of your body and mind.
You don't have to have a psychological or physical problem to benefit from the positive influence of the Reiki session. A Reiki session will make you feel relaxed and energized, and you will see its great effect on your self-confidence, mood and everyday life!

How does Reiki work?

During a Reiki session the energy centers in your body called chakras, are open and thus the energy flow is enhanced. The Reiki therapist enables the elimination of energy disturbances and blockages which purifies and strengthens energy pathways (meridians). As a result the energy can flow unhindered and in a healthy way.

So Reiki clears and harmonizes the aura – the field of light and energy which surrounds the body. For this purpose, the therapist works with all 7 main chakras, as well as with the extra ones, at all levels and in all areas.

The task of the Reiki therapist is to clear, harmonize and balance the blocked chakras and energy channels in your body, but as Reiki is sensible energy, it finds its way to the place where it is needed.
The therapist does not directly affect your energy or your body, he is a mediator between your body and the universal vital energy. The energy flows through the hands of the practitioner, but only your body determines the energy flow, taking what it needs.
In practice, Reiki only gives you what you need, not what you think you need or what the therapist thinks you need. That's how you get the perfect energy balance for your body and mind.

What are the effects of a Reiki treatment?

After Reiki therapy, you will feel a number of beneficial effects that will lead to boosting your overall health and well-being. A Reiki session can:

• Promote tissue and bone healing after injury or operation.
• Stimulate the immune system.
• Promote natural self-healing.
• Relieve pain and tension, especially in muscles.
• Support the condition of people receiving traditional medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical interventions or hemodialysis.
• To relieve psychological problems such as panic attacks, fears, depression and confusion.

What you have to know is that Reiki cannot replace traditional treatment of the deseases; it can only help you deal with them by enhancing your energy flow and vitality. Reiki can support people with cancer, chronic pain, infertility, digestive problems, Parkinson's disease, depression and anxiety and related illnesses. Reiki can help you to prepare for surgery and recover faster afterwards.
But the most important thing is that Reiki can never harm you. The sessions can give you a long lasting feeling ofcalmness, relaxation, security, vitality.

How does a Reiki session work?

You don't have to undress during a Reiki session. Make sure you're suitable clothes to feel comfortable. You shouldn't drink alcohol before or after the sessions.
The session is performed via a very light, almost imperceptible touch of the therapist’s hands on certain places on your body. No massage, pressure or any manipulations of the body are applied.
The only thing you may feel during the session is a slight warmth, tingling or throbbing under the therapist's hands.
Most people feel very relaxed during a Reiki treatment and they even fall asleep on the couch. Other people don't feel anything during the session, but feel better after the session. The session starts from the head, continues down to the feet, from both sides of the body. It takes about an hour.

When are Reiki sessions performed?

To trigger the long-lasting effect of Reiki sessions at the beginning you need to have four consecutive sessions. Experts recommend then to continue with one full session every two weeks – for maintaining and increasing the results. In fact, the more often you have Reiki sessions, the more your energy flow and vitality increases.

And in order to keep the positive effects of Reiki procedures as long as possible, we recommend that you observe the five principles of Reiki daily:

• Just today, don't be angry
• Just today, don't worry
• Just today be grateful
• Just today work hard
• Just today be good to others

Why is it important to know the chakras and their role and how they promote health, harmony and balance in the human body?

• The first chakra - the'root' chakra' is at the base of the spine and shines in red color. It is associated with the subtle energy of the earth, supports your willpower and supplies your body with vitality.
• The second chakra is at the sacral chakra. It is related to reproduction, physical pleasures and other aspects of the physical and emotional attraction in human relationships. Its color is orange. This is the place where one hides guilt and humiliation.
• The third chakra is on the solar plexus and has a yellow color. It is associated with the energy needed to manifest the human essence. Here manifests your individual will. Here anger and fear manifest themselves, as well as confidence and purposefulness.
• The fourth chakra is the heart, located in the center of the chest and is green. It is related to all aspects of love, joy, respect, devotion. This is your energy center of spiritual heart and consciousness.It bridges the lower and upper eneggy centers in your body. This is one of the most important chakras through which the vital energy during Reiki session enters the human energy system.
• The fifth chakra is at the throat and it shines in light blue. It is related to the expression of creative abilities using oral and written speech. It is connected with contemplation, thinking and planning. Through it is manifested the way by which we relate to other people and communicate with clarity and wisdom.
• The sixth chakra is the one on the forehead, between the eyebrows and is called the "third eye". It has a violet color. It is associated with self-awareness, wisdom, the higher consciousness, clairvoyance, visualization and conceptual thinking.
• The seventh, so-called "crown" chakra, is located at the top of the head. It connects us directly to the higher power and spiritual consciousness. It shines is white and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness.

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