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Taiwanese Foot massage
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Taiwanese acupressure foot massage

Even the most passionate travelers can't travel all the time. Today, however, sinking into the Taiwanese atmosphere can be easy, just check for directions how to get to the center of Sofia, to Padmalaya studio, and Taiwan will be at your feet. This is simply possible because here you will be able to enjoy a professional Taiwanese foot massage - an ancient, tested, and effective technique that will bring you not only pleasure but also better health. This is how it works:

Why Taiwanese foot massage?

Taiwanese foot massage is a health practice established in Taiwan and has been practiced for over 2,000 years. This is a specific acupressure technique that stimulates reflex points on the feet, toes and soles. There are 7,800 nerves and 83 reflex points that improve the functioning of various organs and parts of the body, including internal organs, muscles and joints.

In Taiwan, where foot acupuncture comes from, it is widely accepted that it helps improve the circulation of "energy blood and fluid" in the human body. The principle is similar to the one in Chinese herbal medicine and meridian therapy. But here, the regular treatment for removing waste materials accumulated in the feet has become one of the cultural customs.

What does the therapist do during the massage?

The technique of Taiwanese foot massage seems simple, but actually, it requires good knowledge and preparation. First, by touching the client’s feet with his hands, the therapist finds lumps created by lactic acid and other body waste. Then the therapist uses his/her fingers to spread them in the correct direction of the reflex points to clear them.

What can you expect from this special foot massage?

First, you will soak your feet in a warm herbal bath. As you sit comfortably and enjoy it, the therapist will rub oil onto your feet and begin working on them one by one. The feeling of his/her touching is pleasant and relaxing, but on areas with too many blockages, it can cause some painful feelings. If any areas of your feet feel particularly sensitive, the massage therapist may ask if you have had any health problems related to the relevant internal organ.

Foot massage has proved to be highly efficient at lowering stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

When you leave our massage studio, you will feel your steps lighter, your body more energetic and your smile wider for a long time.

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