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The massage is the art to help the body to replicate the healing powers of nature.

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Thai massage

Eastern therapies

Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage removes pain in the neck, back and lower back, increases flexibility and mobility of the joints, relaxes tendons and relieves muscle tension. It enables the normal flow of the energy and thus has a positive effect on the problematic zones of the body.

The therapy includes different techniques such as twisting, stretching, pulling, pressure applied by thumbs, elbows and feet which not only relieves the blockages in the neck, back and lower back but also reduces headaches and pain in shoulders and knees.

As a result from the massage the emotions of the mind are soothed, the pain in the muscles and the joints is relieved, and so is the headache. The body becomes more flexible and the feeling of stiffness is reduced. The energetic system of the body is normalized, the joints are healed and strengthened and the mind is relieved from stress and anxiety.

The massage therapy is performed on the ground on a special pad. The person who is having the massage has to wear comfortable clothes. The stretching techniques and the treatment of energy lines relieve the tension and allow the vital energy to circulate freely in the body.

Scientific research claims that Thai massage was first introduced about 2500 years ago. It is an ancient therapeutic technique that heals the body. The technique focuses on specific points by application of appropriate pressure and involves different stretching methods and yoga poses, as well as reflexology.

Thai massage is a perfect way to recharge your vital tone and it gives you a feeling of lightness and calmness and improves your mobility.

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