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Zone therapy

Eastern therapies

Zone reflexology massage

Massage of feet, palms and head

"Press a hidden button on your body to stop the years, stop the pain, stop the fatigue and stop the disease.”

Everybody enjoys the relief after a good foot massage or reflexology therapy. Do you know that there are specific zones, the so called reflex points also on your palms and head which are linked to every part of your body? Zone therapy is highly effective in prevention and treatment of many diseases. By benefiting from this technique we can avoid suffering from some diseases or we can simply relieve the stress and fatigue in our body.

The massage is not a diagnosis and you should always consult a doctor if you have some worries about your health. The massage therapy can be an effective complimentary treatment of any kind of disease due to the fact that it improves the functions of the internal organs, the senses and the endocrine glands.

Foot reflexology, hand reflexology, head reflexology – what does it involve?

The massage is applied on the reflex points on the foot, hand and head zones and the technique allows all the energy systems in the body to be treated. The reflexology massage has a rejuvenating effect, relieves stress and fatigue, eliminates chronic disorders and boosts the energy in the body. Its benefits also include headache relief, instant relief in chronic sinusitis, back pain, insomnia, arthritis and other indispositions and it provides complete relaxation.


Reflexology technique is an ancient therapy that was first practiced in China and Egypt. More than 5000 years ago the ancient people used to rub their feet by applying a massage to each other. Towards the end of 18th century the beginning of reflexology as a scientific therapeutic technique was put and was performed by applying pressure in the reflexology points on the feet and palms. This pressure triggers some positive changes in our physical body and leads to a therapeutic effect on the organs that correspond to the pressure points. Doctor William FitzGerald is considered the Father of the Zone Therapy and he was the one who gave the therapy the name Zone Therapy. This integrated technique is based on the theory that the energy system and energy channels go through the human body from the head down to the feet and each of the channels correspond to 12 vital organs. The application of pressure on the reflexology points of the energy channels unblocks the energy flow and thus restores its normal flow. If the human body is under constant pressure or stress and the stress is not relieved, it leads to energy blockages that in turn cause decrease in the body efficiency, which may result in particular body disorders and diseases.

According to the principles of Zone Therapy

According to the principles of Zone Therapy our body is an electromagnetic field with electromagnetic channels, running through the body. There are 10 main invisible flows that pass through the body and go down to the toes and the fingers. The area that is controlled by each energy flow is called ZONE. The human body is divided in two equal parts and there are five zones on the left part and five zones on the right part. All the endocrine glands, the nervous system and the internal organs are in these zones.

Zone 1-2
This Zone starts from the top of the head, goes down through the middle of the forehead and the nose and continues down through the middle of the body and reaches its central part, and branches towards the toes and the big toes /the Hallux/.

Zone 3-4
This Zone starts from the top of the head, goes through the eyes and continues down through the body towards the toes and the second toes.

Zone 5-6
This Zone starts from the top of the head goes through the eyes and continues down through the middle fingers of the hand and the third toes.

Zone 7-8
This Zone starts from the top of the head goes through the middle ear and continues down towards the fourth fingers and the fourth toes.

Zone 9-10
This Zone starts from the top of the head goes through the outer ear and continues down towards the little fingers and the little toes.

The sections on the hands and the feet are linked as follows:

The big toes and the thumbs are part of Zone 1 and 2.
The second fingers/point fingers or forefingers/ and the second toes are part of Zone 3 and 4.
The middle fingers and the third toes are part of Zone 5 and 6.
The 4th fingers and the 4th toes are part of Zone 7 and 8.
The little fingers and the little toes are part of Zone 9 and 10.

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