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There is one thing which gives radiance to everything. It is the idea of something around the corner.

~ G.K. Chesterton

Make the Special Gift of Massage with Massage packages for your loved ones.

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Make a gift of health and relaxation

Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones.

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Massage offers

Massage offers in Sofia: To offer you more healthy benefits and pleasure, each month the team of Padmalaya massage studio comes up with special promotions.

The feeling of joy and harmony are priceless for the body and mind. We know the secrets how to boost this feeling by doing it wholeheartedly, caring not only for your body but also for your budget.

Visit our website and our Facebook page to see our promotions and massage offers at special prices.

You will be in the good and caring hands of our therapists.

Gift packages for Massage

For your loved ones

Make the special gift of massage with Massage packages for the people you love. Specially selected massages for deep relaxation, stress and pain relief, body restoration, harmony and energy recharge -->

Clearing negative energy, pain and blockages from the body


Shiatsu restores energy and releaves the pian in the body. Seiki is energy detox for the mind and body and clears negative energy and thoughts - 90 minuntes - 115 BGN.

Massage with Ozonated Oil + Reflexology - Foot massage

Rejuvenation or Relaxation

Reguvenative Massage with Ozonated Oil + Foot massage or Relax massage with Ozonated Oil + Foot massage - 90 minutes - 115 BGN.

3 in 1: Aromatherapy + Head massage + Foot massage


4 aromatic synergies, 4 benefits, 4 sensory journeys for pure relaxation, resourcing and absolute moment of wellbeing. Manual aroma massage relieves the stress, fatigue, and emotional tension of everyday life. 90 min. - 120 BGN

Replenishing Holistic Sea Treatment + Head massage + Foot massage

Awakening, nourishing, healing

This holistic massage rids the body of every possible feeling of stress, retores harmony and fluid movement of the body, erase the tension and re-energize the body. Pressure points are activiated to rebalance energy flow. 90 min. - 120 BGN

Signature Massage + Reflexotherapy

Balance and recharge

Restore your strenght, balance and harmony with Signature massage + Reflexotherapy (foot massage) - 90 minutes - 100 BGN

Restorative or Relaxing massage + Foot massage

For rejuvenation and good mood

Restorative or Relaxing massage (by your choise) plus Reflexology (Foot massage)
90 minutes - 100 BGN.


Massage of your choice Minus 10%

When bying a package for 700 BGN you get 10% discount on all massage prices: 65 BGN = 58.50 BGN. 70 BGN = 63 BGN. 80 BGN = 72 BGN. 90 BGN = 82 BGN. 100 BGN = 90 BGN.

You owe yourself a moment of harmony
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