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The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

~ Hermes Trismegistus

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Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones.

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People around the world have used massage since ancient times. Read more how we can benefit from massage?

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods that people have used to treat pain and discomfort. Today, massage therapy treats muscle tension and different kind of pain in the body; eliminates stress, anxiety, restlessness and many other health conditions. There are different types of massage therapy, each with its own approach and benefits. Read more about massage techniques, healthy diets, better sleep, tips and tricks for managing stress and how to be more energetic, balanced and relaxed.

To my body with love

How to outwit stress

I am not my body, but my body is my home. My body is my connection with the world in which I live. My body feels, suffers and shares my triumphs with me... More and more people realize that in our dynamic life we lose touch with our souls. How can you communicate with your soul if you do not have a meaningful conversation with your body? Do you see the signals that your body sends to you?

Did you say Thank you today?

Most powerful thank you

Have you ever thought that the expression "thank you" is a verb? These words make us feel closer to one another, they destroy walls of apathy, bring out smiles on our faces, they keep our relationships smooth. Say “Thank you” whenever you have the chance and show gratitude for someone's care and devoted time, dedication, love and kindness. Show gratitude from your heart, sincerely and ... with caring.

Tips for achieving a more relaxed and better sleep

How to combat Insomnia

Most people are not able to fall asleep on "command," but an evening preparation will help your brain to get ready for sleep. Our “sleep system”, along with most of our neurophysiological systems, prefers to receive from the brain signals that are predictable and consistent. Why is this so? Because consistency and predictability are "boring" - they are calm, slow and safe functions...

Back pain and lower back pain - why do we ignore them?

If your back hurts

Back pain and lower back pain are common symptoms that many people have. Perhaps this is what makes us ignore the pain and take no action. We postpone taking care of ourselves because we simply think it is not a serious problem. People apparently do not make efforts to alleviate the pain and improve their health, so to avoid serious health problems the symptoms must become our priorities.

Sometimes we just need a massage

Give yourself hapiness

Anyone who has benefited from the power of massage therapy knows how it enables the recovery of body vitality and energy. And since we care, we are willing to help you take advantage of the massage benefits and encourage you to give yourself a really harmonizing experience. Don’t you think that you deserve to relax by enjoying the magic of experienced and caring hands?

Pain in the legs and pain in the arms

pain in the joints

The unpleasant and sometimes intolerable sensation of pain in the upper and lower limbs might be a result of fatigue, inflammatory process, dysfunction of the joints, tensed ligaments or muscles due to an infection, impaired blood circulation, etc. When the blood circulation in the limbs is impaired, the legs and arms might become numb and some muscle spasms might appear.

You owe yourself a moment of harmony
Listen to the wise voice of your body
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