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Sometimes we just need a massage

Book a massage in Sofia - Welcome to Padmalaya massage center.

Anyone who has benefited from the power of massage therapy knows how it enables the recovery of body vitality and energy. And since we care, we are willing to help you take advantage of the massage benefits and encourage you to give yourself a really harmonizing experience.

Don’t you think that you deserve to relax by enjoying the magic of experienced and caring hands? Imagine that you can spare just one hour during your busy day to give yourself more joy, peace and energy. This will be the positive effect of a good massage.

You will improve your health thanks to the skillful, experienced and talented therapist who knows how the human body reacts to health problems and knows how to apply different types of massage that are most suitable for you.

In general, the full body massage improves the blood circulation and has a deep and lasting effect, while the partial massage has a positive effect on particular body segments. It is advisable that you have a massage once a week, or once every two weeks to keep the pain and stress away from your body.

And yet, if you have a health problem for the first time and you experience some pain, do not wait until the pain becomes intolerable because later it may cause you more problems, not to mention that it will make you nervous and is likely to lead to insomnia and physical discomfort. The best approach when choosing massage therapy is the massages to be performed at particular intervals of time, so you can determine the right intervals for you. The aim of the therapy is to reduce the tension in your body and make your body relax.

This is particularly important for people whose lifestyle is associated with immobility, static posture, stress, chronic diseases of the back, disc hernia, too much tension, plexitis, osteoarthritis, arthritis and some injuries. The list is long and sometimes it takes us longer to realize that pain is something that should not become part of our lives.

The most common cause of pain is the muscle spasm

The muscle spasms are positively influenced by the massage therapy combined with essential oils. The treatment of acupressure points that block the free flow of energy along the meridians increases the effect of the massage. The treatment of the specific areas of the feet and hands (reflexology) can also relieve the pain.

The massage applied in the treatment of back pain reduces the tension in the shoulders and shoulder blades and the neck, as well as the pain and discomfort in the lower back.

The magic of the massage therapy works best by harmonizing the nervous system and releasing the body from the muscle tension.

Except in cases of health problems, the appropriate massage therapy can be a great start or end of your day, and a nice gift for a loved one - what can be a better gift than giving someone more health? We invite you to take care of yourself and improve your body condition because you deserve it.

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