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Natural Herbal Tea


'You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.'
~ Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

The interior design of the room does not matter. Even special music is not necessary. A tea cup is also a matter of your own choice. What makes it special are the aroma and taste - not too sweet, just the a slightly bitter flavor. Tea for social events; tea when you want to be alone; tea when you are not feeling well; tea when you are happy. The magic of tea, like any other magic, was known in the ancient times.

The tea ceremony appeared in 11th century BC, during the Tang Dynasty in China. The tea ritual spread to Japan. Tea was served to the Emperor and soon the tea ceremony became a cult among the Japanese. The Tea Ceremony Chanoyu (boiled water for tea) appeared and was described by the journalist and historian Lafcadio Hearn as "most perfect, most polite, most graceful, most charming manner possible” of serving tea.

The first reactions to the healing drink in Europe were mistrustful and skeptical. Then tea was sold as an expensive and luxurious product in France, the Baltic countries and the Netherlands. Gradually, the boosting tea imports led to a fall in the tea prices and tea became more and more popular. In Britain, being a conservative country, King Charles II, together with his wife, Catherine de Braganza, had a significant role in creating the British tea tradition.

Today the whole world surrenders the tea wonder. According to a number of studies, tea has a high antioxidant property. Polyphenol in the tea fights cancer cells. Not only its wonderful taste and aroma give you pleasure, but the regular tea intake reduces the risk of heart attack. Herbal tea is also recommended in reduction the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries and it protects the bones. Tea improves the immune system. Tea without sugar is recommended in dieting because it speeds up metabolism and does not contain calories.

There is no other drink that is treated with such respect and that has contributed to the creation of so many diverse and curious ceremonies. In India there is a famous title "tea master". The master prepares the aromatic beverage using an original recipe and serves it performing an authentic ritual. The tea is boiled in milk over a slow fire, then cane sugar, black pepper and cloves are added.

The Moroccan tea tradition requires tea to be prepared by the oldest man in the house. The infusion is made by a mixture of green leaves, and in Thailand tea is preferred to be creamier and it is served on ice.

In Turkey, the tea is usually strong, served in specific small tea cups and sugar cubes are added. The popular Turkish tea has many health benefits. The so-called 'tea time' in Turkey is at any time of the day - after breakfast, lunch and dinner, on any occasion and with no occasion whatsoever.

The English have strictly fixed time of the day for a cup of tea - from 17.00 to 19.00 when they serve the afternoon tea with freshly baked or cold cakes and snacks.

The Russian Samovar, a typical Russian metal kettle, is perhaps what lies in the enchanting technique of the Russian tea rituals. It is always placed in the center of the table. Next to it, not so visible and pretentious, is placed another tea pot which serves for infusion and makes the tea very strong. Each guest can pour into his cup the necessary amount of strong tea and then add hot water from the majestic kettle Samovar.

Mate is the tea king in South America. It is a tonifying and refreshing beverage with a high caffeine content. Mate is consumed with a metal straw from a hollow gourd.

Bulgarian famous "tea master" was Peter Dimkov, called the Healer. "There is a healing herb for every pain,". In the three-volume "Bulgarian folk medicine" Dimkov presented the ancient knowledge about the natural healing properties of the herbs in our lands – blessed lands plenty of herbs and healing plants. His book is the result of many years of profound research in Bulgarian folk medicine.

The healing miracle of tea is a science based on ancient knowledge. Bulgarian people are blessed because their lands are full of plants and herbs that help us have a heathier life.

Take advantage of the secrets of the herbal teas that grow in our lands, described by Peter Dimkov. The herbs are carefully selected by Synergy Leaves and Padmalaya Massage Center because we love helping people live a better life.

You can buy Synergy Leaves herbal teas by checking our local online store or order by phone (+359 988724817). They are all designed under the original healer's recipes of Peter Dimkov.

These products are not medicines and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or prevent illness. Please consult your general practitioner personal or physician to get professional advice whether the product and its ingredients are suitable for you and your health condition.

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Thank you, Merci, Danke, Grazie, Tack, Kiitos, Arigató, Spasibo ...every nation has their own special words to express gratitude. "Thank you" is the most powerful expression, charged with positive energy and is even more influential than "I love you".
There is no ego in it, no expectation or pretentiousness. It is the pure gift of gratitude.

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