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Each new day is a gift. Unpack it carefully, let your soul benefit from it and enjoy it from the bottom of your heart.

~ Padmalaya

Make the Special Gift of Massage with Massage packages for your loved ones.

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Make a gift of health and relaxation

Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones.

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How to send the best present to your loved ones in Bulgaria? Gift voucher for Massage therapy in Sofia. Gifts for women or man. Gift for friends in Bulgaria.

Do you know someone in Sofia who deserve a special gift? Are you looking for the best present to your loved ones and friends in Bulgaria?

The most valuable gift that we can give ourselves is our health, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we can give to our loved ones.

Is there a better gift for a woman than the one that will help her restore her beauty, radiance, body harmony and youthful look?

Is there a better gift for a man than the one that will help him return his strength and increase his energy?

For us the choice of a gift is not a duty but a pleasure. By choosing a gift we show respect and give joy to others.

We believe that your loved ones and friends in Sofia deserve an unforgettable experience that will bring them more harmony, balance and happiness. The voucher offered by Padmalaya massage studio is an invaluable and original gift for your loved one, your best friend, your partner, colleague or even your boss.

Choosing a massage as a gift for someone in Bulgaria, is affordable present that speaks for good taste, care and respect, as well as for a healthy and creative lifestyle.

Gift for a special woman or Gift for a special man. Gifts for friends and loved onces in Bulgaria.

To trust the millennial tradition of the massage therapy when choosing a gift is a sensible and stylish decision. This small effort will be appreciated by the joy and gratitude of your loved ones.

To make sure that you will choose the right massage, we offer different types of massage techniques - relaxing, restorative, classic or therapeutic massage; or you can choose any of the Eastern therapies that had already proved their therapeutic effect back in the ancient times and are still well known.

Each of our massage therapies will give your relative, friend or loved one a sense of physical and spiritual harmony.

And if you still feel some slight hesitation, remember that everyone loves to receive gifts and to feel special. At Padmalaya massage studio when you choose from our gift-offers to make a gift to a friend, you can trust our experienced therapists because your friend will be in good and caring hands.

The massage offered by us will bring relaxation, pleasure, joy and a sense of emotional wholeness - pleasant emotions with healing effect.

That is why we prefer to offer special gifts in the form of experience rather than objects. Our gifts bring happiness and a lasting positive effect.

We invite you and your family to Padmalaya massage studio to make your day special.

You can order a Gift voucher by phone, by email or by What's app +359 88 333 16 17 or you can take it from the studio. In addition you can choose a nice Greeting card - Please see this page to choose>>

How to send a Gift for someone living in Bulgaria?

If you live outside Bulgaria and want to make a great surpirse and send a gift for someone living in Sofia, we can send the voucher directly to the recipient by a courier service or we can send you the voucher in PDF file which you can print on a nice paper and send it personaly to the recipient or send it to his email. Payment can be made by bank trasfer with invoice. or with PayPal.

For the Massage gift voucher you can choose any of our therapies or our special offers or you can choose a certain BGN/EUR amount which can be used for a couple of massages.

There are also special massage packages - See them here.

Just contact us and we will arrange it in the best way which is suitable for you.

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