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Facial Massage Therapy in Sofia

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Beautifully timeless Radiant & Empowered
Special Anti-Age - Lifting Facial Massage | Sofia | Padmalaya Massage Center
Special rejuvenating caresculpting lift

Special Anti-Age - Lifting Facial Massage

It's time to arm yourself in the battle against time. Forget about the silent surrender to wrinkles, sagging skin, and the loss of that youthful glow. Today, we're declaring war on aging with The specialized anti-aging facial lift massage. This isn't just any massage; it's a meticulously crafted strategy for rejuvenation, contour lifting, and skin tightening that will revolutionize your skincare routine. A specialized protocol in 3 phases where each brings to your skin's journey back to youth. 1 - Lymphatic drainage. 2 - Sculpting (modeling). 3 - Lifting massage.

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Rejuvenating facial massage. Anti-aging face massages Sofia.
Beauty from the depths of the seaminerals for the skin

Radiant face, neck, décolletage and hands massage

This facial massage is a real feast for your beauty. Here, the pleasure of pampering the skin meets the knowledge of experts from the French laboratory Phytomer for eternal beauty. A hydrating brightening facial massage can completely transform your radiance and magically make your face glow. It is a professional delicate touch that brings a priceless revitalizing sensation, deeply hydrates the skin and saturates it with minerals and essential trace elements, leaving it satin-smooth, shiny, soft and rested.

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Beauty therapy for the whole body and face. Full body massage and facial massage.
Bliss and beautyFull Body & face care

Beauty therapy - Comprehensive care

Face and Body massage with natural nourishing and beautifying oils. Trust and benefit from an ancient massage technique, combined with the magical healing effect of the natural plants. It has proven its beneficial power for centuries. Make yourself a gift and thus give your senses great pleasure with Beauty massage therapy. It nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth and makes your skin elastic, smooth and silky soft. This massage has a complete rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

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Facial care for man. Facial for men. | Massage center Padmalaya, Sofia. Bulgaria.
Your secret weapon for self-estimeMan care on focus

Face massage for man

Don't let time dictate the terms. Are you ready to defy time and radiate freshness and self-confidence? We can't stop time, but we can slow its effects. Facial massage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the two most essential components for healthy, youthful skin. Forget about wrinkles and fine lines. With regular care, you can keep your skin firm and supple. No one needs to know how old you are - just let your face speak of youth and vitality. Your face is your business card.

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