Those who bring light to others
are never left in the dark.

~ Peter Pan

A special gift for a Name day

Original gift cards for Woman's Name day or a Man's Name day in Bulgaria


Name Day Gift Card - Padmalaya Massage Voucher is a great gift idea for a Name day in Bulgaria - a stylish gift for a Woman's Name day and an original gift for a Man's Name day.


Name day occupies a special place among the holidays of many people around the world. Name day is the second very personal holiday for which we receive congratulations and gifts, gather with family and friends and celebrate our name. Because the NAME is important!

Although each culture has different traditions around Name days, they all have one thing in common: the Name. Whether we are looking for a gift for Margarita or Constantine, there are two days a year that are special for them! Although the Birthday is really extremely personal time, the name day is just as important. Many countries believe that the Name day is more important than the Birthday, because the birthday connects us to the earth, and the Name day connects us to the sky. The Bible mentions that when someone gets his new name, he gets his mission.

From ancient times it is believed that the name is not just a combination of sounds, but a name that can predetermine fate, strengthen the character, protect or wish something special to the child that will carry it throughout his life. Victor- to be healthy and strong; George - to be a brave warrior; … The name is so important that in many ancient traditions the transition from one social role to another was associated with a change of name. This tradition is still observed today when making a vow of monasticism or worship, and the initiates receive new names other than secular ones.

An original gift for a name day, what Name day Goft to choose?

The next time you don't know someone's Birthday or you inadvertently missed it, don't worry, but look for their Name day and give them an original gift for a name day they will remember for a long time. Not just another souvenir to stay in the closet or a garment you don't know if he will wear, but an experience that will bring him pleasure and joy for a long time.

Massage is the perfect way to say "I love you, I care about you, I want you to smile".

The place, the atmosphere, the aromas, the music, the professionalism of the skilled therapists - because in Padmalaya we create magic to make your loved one or friend to relax, to forget about the stress and tension of a busy day, to enjoy a moment filled with true relaxation and tranquility and to recharge with energy and good mood. Massage is the perfect gift for a someone who works hard and needs therapeutic massage. Massage voucher is a great Name day gift for a colleague who needs a relaxing experience to smile again. Choose a massage for a gift for a Woman's Name day or a gift for a Man's Name day that you love and respect, to give them a little magical time to restore the body and restart the joy in the soul.

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