I think fun is one of the best gifts we can give to each other. If everyone was having fun we’d be in good shape. 

~ Alex Ebert

Special Gift for Womans' Day

Original Gift card for woman in Sofia, Bulgaria

Choosing a gift for the 8th of March is not always easy. What gift is an original gift for every woman?

How we can clearly show our love to every special woman in our lives? We offer you an original gift card for the Women's day - A gift that no lady would refuse, regardless of her age and mood. We believe that The Massage Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for a loved wife, a gift for a lovely girlfriend, a gift for the best mother, a gift for the best friend or for the best sister in the world who live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why Massage Gift Card is an original and special gift for Women's day? 

Women like to attract attention with a good-looking appearance, but as they are more sensitive their emotions and state of mind are very important. The girls want to have fun, to succeed, a glass of wine and chocolate, but they really want to feel balanced and harmonious. Harmony in the body restores the balance of emotions in a subtle and elegant way. In this modern and fast world, where women have thousands of commitments, tasks and responsibilities, SHE longs for real rest and a moment of peace, for real relaxation, for a professional massage.

Trust the millennial tradition of massage therapy combined with the magical healing effects of nature that have proven their healing and harmonious effect back in time and give care, energy and attention to your loved ones with Massage Gift card from Padmalaya, because MASSAGE IS CARE AND CARE IS LOVE! 

We have over 20 types of different massage therapies to give joy and happiness to the special and beloved women in your life. Make your loved one, your girlfriend or your mother happy with this exceptional female gift. Show them that they are special to you!

And why not take a Gift card for Women's Day for yourself?

When was the last time you had time to relax, not to think about anything, to leave your worries somewhere far away at least for a while? Take care of yourself! Use the holiday to break away from the busy everyday life. Express care and love for yourself and then return to your busy days calmer, happier, and rejuvenated!