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Thanks to our healing massage you can enjoy and achieve a better health condition: improved blood circulation, improved metabolism, detoxification, reduced blood pressure, reduced chronic pain in the back such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, pain in the knees; reduced muscle tension or stiffness. Moreover, you can improve your flexibility and strengthen your immune system, relieve your migraine or arthritis. Regular application of a therapeutic massage leads to a significant acceleration of the healing process and restoration of the body balance.

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Eastern therapies

The combination of eastern massage therapies restores the balance and harmony of the body. The tension disappears and you can feel vital again. The Asian massage therapy has an extremely positive effect on the immune system, as well as on the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems. It stimulates the metabolism and improves the physical activity, joint mobility, blood circulation and the flow of vital energy. As a result, the pain in your back, shoulders, neck or waist may decrease or completely disappear and you will feel healthier and full of energy.

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Relaxation therapies

Relaxing massages restore the body harmony and balance, reduce stress, tension and improve the overall health. These massages enable the muscle groups to relax, alleviate pain and activate the lymphatic flow.
The soft techniques improves the metabolism, soothe the nervous system, eliminate fatigue and tension and increase the muscle tone and boost the mood. Relaxing massage helps you to achieve harmony and balance in your body, tranquility, peace and deep relaxation. At the end of the long day give your body a deserved moment of relaxation and be our guest.

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Welcome to our website - Padmalaya - Massage in Sofia

The wisdom of the human body tells us how we can keep our bodies in good condition. However, being busy with too many things, sometimes we stop listening to what it wants to tell us. So to get our attention, our body sends us signals such as pain, physical stress or mental stress.
In Padmalaya massage studio we know what these signals mean and what the human body tells us. That is why we know what method to choose and what therapy to apply to each of our clients.

We offer massage therapy that is tailored to your needs and symptoms so that our quality massage with therapeutic effect can bring you real feeling of joy and relief. All you have to do is to contact us, trust oue experience and benefit from the effect of our massage therapy.
Then our only task is to give you pleasure and support you in achieving health, balance and harmony in your life. You can choose different types of massages, depending on whether you experience pain or just want to give yourself some pleasure and relax after ahard day.
Massage near me: Our Padmalaya massage studio in Sofia is one of the few places in the city that offers a combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques.

We invite you to our massage studio where we will take care of you and make you happy by offering you an unforgettable experience.
So if you are looking for massage in Sofia - Welcome to Padmalaya massage studio situated in the center of Sofia.

+ 359 988 72 48 17. Sofia center, region Lozenetz, 16 Krum Popov St. Working hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 20:00. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 20:00.

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Our mission

Massage therapy is one of the best and soothing methods that enable the healing process. It gives you the chance to improve your health, keep your body fit and enjoy a feeling of comfort. Our mission is to help you relieve stress and pain and to show you how easily you can have more joy and achieve effective relaxation. Through the healing power of the massage techniques we can help you restorate the harmony and balance in your body and soul. This is our contribution to your healthy life style and it brings us inspiration and pride of our work.

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Make a gift of health and relaxation

Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones. We believe that your loved ones deserve this wonderful experience so that they can fully enjoy more harmony, balance and happiness. When you make a gift to a friend and choose from our massages at Padmalaya, you can trust our experience and make sure that your friend will be in the good and caring hands of our massage therapists.

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Massage heals the body and soul

To my body with love

I am not my body, but my body is my home. My body is my connection with the world in which I live. My body feels, suffers and shares my triumphs with me... More and more people realize that in our dynamic life we lose touch with our souls. How can you communicate with your soul if you do not have a meaningful conversation with your body? Do you see the signals that your body sends to you?

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Tips for achieving a more relaxed and better sleep

Most people are not able to fall asleep on "command," but an evening preparation will help your brain to get ready for sleep. Our “sleep system”, along with most of our neurophysiological systems, prefers to receive from the brain signals that are predictable and consistent. Why is this so? Because consistency and predictability are "boring" - they are calm, slow and safe functions...

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