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The massage is the art to help the body to replicate the healing powers of nature.

~ Padmalaya

Anti-cellulite cellulite removal massage

To remove orange peel and build-up


Everyone wants to have a beautiful body. It increases our emotions and gives us more opportunities to express ourselves, gives us a healthy way of life and makes us more attractive. However, cellulite is an obstacle to achieving the desired figure and one of the solutions is an anti-cellulite massage. Cellulite formation can lead to fluid retention and toxin accumulation. Applying an anti-cellulite massage helps the body deal with cellulite accumulations, expel toxins and give a feeling of lightness. You feel more confident, more energized and healthier.

Anti-cellulite massage. Removal of orange skin and cellulite deposits.
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Anti-cellulite massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage Center

The cellulite, however, is an obstacle in our efforts to achieve the desired body shape and one of the effective solutions how to get rid of it is the anti-cellulite massage.

The formation of cellulite can lead to fluid retention and accumulation of toxins.

The application of anti-cellulite massage helps the body to cope with cellulite deposits.

When a massage is applied manually or through vacuum cupping, in both cases it stimulates the processes that help the body toget rid ofcellulite.

The anti-cellulite massage drains tissues, stimulates the metabolism and the excretion of toxins from the body. The blood circulation and lymphatic flow are improved. The poisonous substances are disposed faster and the cells are recovered more quickly, the metabolism is improved which helps the excess fat to be removed and improves the skin elasticity.

If you want to achieve good results it is advisable to undergo a course of 10-12 treatments.

Drinking more water, doing sports and a healthy diet will speed up the process and help you achieve the desired results.

Our organic anti-cellulite oils combination

For this massage of your choice we are going to apply a really natural cocktail of 100% organic ingredients that will firm up your skin and make it more beautiful and healthy looking. The essential oils of juniper, cypress, lemongrass, patchouli, fennel and rosemary are applied in combination with organic cold-pressed almond oil. This amazing combination boosts the metabolism, activates the lymphatic drainage and improves the skin tonus. The essential oils of juniper, fennel and rosemary stimulate the outflow of toxins and enable the body fluid flow, strengthen the skin and repair skin damages of stretch marks. Patchouli oil has a rejuvenating and firming effect, helps tightening of the skin and stimulates the regeneration of new cells, visibly reducing the scars. Lemongrass oil has proved to be highly beneficial to the tissues and muscles and it also increases elasticity and retains skin moisture. Almond oil helps soothe, regenerate and soften the skin and makes your skin smoother.


Prices for Anti-cellulite massage
Anti-cellulite massage

Helps the excretion of toxins from the body. The poisons are disposed faster and the cells recover more quickly, while the improved metabolism enables the body to get rid of the excess fat.

30 min. - 70 BGN
50 min. - 95 BGN
With back massage - 60 min. - 110 BGN
With back massage - 80 min. - 135 BGN
With back and foot massage - 90 min. - 160 BGN
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