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The massage is the art to help the body to replicate the healing powers of nature.

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Sports massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage Center

The sports massage is suitable for everyone, not just for professional athletes, but also for people who maintain good physical shape and for those who prefer a stronger and more intense massage that will stimulate them mentally, physically and help them prepare for another active and busy day.

The sports massage relieves fatigue, reduces stress and improves the flexibility of the muscles and joints; improves the blood circulation and the lymphatic flow.

Types of sports massage

Preparatory massage:

In most cases it is appliedto people before participating in competitions or doing exercises. The aim is the unpleasant pre-start body conditions to be overcome by toning and calming the body. Depending on the individual needs, due to this technique the muscles are warmed up and relaxed, the pain isrelieved and maximum readinessof the body is achieved so that traumas and injuries can be prevented.

Restorative massage:

Most frequently it is applied after some training or competitions or during the breaks at the time of the sports activities.

This massage regains the body strength and eliminates fatigue, restores the vital functions of the body and reduces the muscle tension.

This massage can be the perfect tool in the final stage of your workout and training.

Training massage:

This type of massage can be appliedat weekends or when you are not performing any workout or other activities that are likely to cause some injuries.

The massage is one of the main tools in the sports training. Theaim is the sportsman/theathlete to achieve the maximum high performance in the shortest period of time.

Massage suitable for sports injuries and illnesses:

This massage is applied according to the individual needs and depends on the type of the trauma or the disease.

This massage therapy is performed in order to help the body to recover, and also as a preventative therapy. The purpose of the massage is to eliminate pain, reduce swelling, accelerate regeneration and restore the function of the musculoskeletal system. It also improves rehabilitation after injury.

Sports massage in Sofia. Padmalaya Massage Center. 11 Sveti Sedmochislenitsi St.

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