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The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.

~ Karen Blixen

Holistic massage Sea therapy with Phytomer

Gentle care from the sea for body and skin

Rejuvenation in blue

The relaxing energy of the ocean touches the skin like a gentle breeze, and then it is transferred to the thoughts and remains there - harmonizing, gentle, delicate. The air has the scent of the sea, the freshness fills the nostrils and lungs. You breathe calmly, slowly and deeply. You are part of the rhythm of the fast-paced city, but stress and worries remain far away. Phytomer Sea Therapy is a blissful rest for the body, a whole new range of sensations in all shades of blue with a fragrant signature and smooth textures that not only soothe the muscles, but also nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Immerse yourself in the sensual blue of sea magic with this unique anti-stress, relaxing and soothing massage.

What is the best massage. A holistic massage with Phytomer French cosmetics Full body massage and facial massage | Padmalaya Massage Centre
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Holistic Massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage Center

The relaxing energy of the ocean like a gentle breeze touches your skin, then moves into your thoughts and remains there - harmonizing, gentle, delicate. The air brings to you the scent of the sea, the freshness fills your nostrils and lungs. Breathe calmly, slowly and deeply. You are used to live with the rhythm of the hectic city, but all the stress and worries go away. This is what you have been craving – your little escape – so find it here at Padmalaya. Dive into the mystery of the sea magic and benefit from our latest regenerating, toning and soothing massage with the special ingredient Oligomer®, created by the French cosmetic brand Phytomer.

The relaxing therapy with Oligomer® is a journey in the holistic treatment that reveals a whole new range of sensations in all shades of the blue sea and leaves its signature on your skin giving it smooth textures, relaxing it like a whispering sea for complete body recovery.

Deeply relaxing and re-energizing MASSAGE

This relaxing anti-stress massage offers a unique multisensorial experience based on OLIGOMER®, PHYTOMER'S mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits. Essential oil Salicorne hydrates the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier, and the oil Marine Criste nourishes, smooths and thickens the skin by making it stronger and lighter. Skin is left silky soft with a fresh subtle scent of green tea, jasmine and freesia.

This massage provides perfect balance between light strokes and presses and between deep tissue massage and a gentle hand massage for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation and rids the body of every possible feeling of stress. Deep tissue techniques target muscle groups to retore harmony and fluid movement of the body. Professional manoeuvres complete your relaxation with an invigorating, energy-releasing effect. Pressure points are activiated to rebalance energy flow.

Our professionals turn this procedure in real delight and feast for the senses which is accompanied by authentic sounds of the sea waves and whispers of sea foam that touch all the senses. We create a real bliss that relaxes and renews your body with the softness of the sea magic captured by the craft laboratories of Phytomer and Padmalaya massage center, Sofia.


  • Your body is relaxed, re-energized and deeply revitalized.
  • Tension is relieved: 100%
  • A feeling of deep relaxation: 100%
  • The body is refreshed: 100%
  • The body is re-energized: 100%
  • Visibly more even skin texture, smoother skin, softer skin: 100%
  • 100% of women have never felt so relaxed after a treatment

The healing power of the sea water is due to all the elements (oligo elements, minerals, vitamins, etc.) essential for the vitality of the skin and the relaxation of the body. There are over 35,000 species of algae and they are part of the marine life. Phytomer is the only laboratory in the world that lyophilises the sea elements, extracting the irreplaceable innovative active ingredient Oligomer® - the top ingredient in the portfolio of the French cosmetic innovator Phytomer. This partially desalinated seawater concentrate contains all of the 104 trace elements that are essential for the skin health. The sea concentrate based on ancient knowledge of the seas and the oceans has strong regenerating properties, keeps the epidermis healthy and mineralizes the skin.

You can combine Holistic Sea therapy with Reflexology (foot massage).


Prices for Holistic marine therapy
Holistic Sea Therapy

Relaxing anti-stress massage for total recovery - A holistic journey into the heart of PHYTOMER's DNA to recharge the body's batteries with instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation.

60 min. - 95 BGN
80 min. - 110 BGN
Combined massages and therapies prices
Holistic Sea Therapy

Holistic therapy with sea minerals concentrated with Olygomer® plus Reflexotherapy (foot massage) plus head massage for stress elimination and body restoration.

90 min. - 130 BGN
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