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Ozone Therapy for recovery
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Recovery Ozone Therapy - Massage with ozonated oils in Padmalaya Massage Center in Sofia

Super recharge for superheroes

Our everyday life has turned into a furious race against time, a burden of commitments, tasks and busy schedules, and lack of enough time for the family and enough stamina for all the professional responsibilities. Side by side or against each other, we act as super men and wonder-women in our small battles for achieving our great targets and immortal dreams. Our modern life is inspiring, yet exhausting, and all the physical and emotional traumas, accumulated over the time and age, prevent us from fully enjoying our victories and glory days.

If you are looking for the password to regain your super powers it is the Recovery ozone therapy. It is provided by the professional therapists at Padmalaya massage center. The massage with ozonated oils energizes your body and boosts your health and endurance.

The massage with ozonated oils combines various massage techniques in terms of deep tissue and pressure techniques to achieve the best possible healing effect and fights against any physical and mental exhaustion.

Ozone is the most powerful antimicrobial agent in the nature. The pure ozonated oils used in the massage therapy are a natural healing agent that restores your well-being and skin beauty by achieving the best therapeutic benefits for you.

The ozonated camphor and peppermint oils that we apply in our Recovery ozone procedure have regenerative and healing properties due to the fact that they penetrate into the skin, activate the body healing processes, improve the metabolism, kill the bacteria and viruses, stimulate the collagen and elastin production process. With the help of advanced technology these oils are saturated with vital ozone molecules and this is why the ozonated massage oil products have become popular as a powerful antimicrobial agent. The olive oil extracts in the ozonized oils are not only rich in vitamin E, but they also strengthen the immune system and have a nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect.

The camphor oil is the secret weapon for achieving good body tone and excitement. It has a pleasant scent that stimulates our senses and mind and clarifies and fine-tunes our thoughts. It reduces the effects of physical exhaustion and restores our good mood. Camphor oil relieves muscle injuries, inflammations, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis and joint problems.

Mint oil has a pain relieving and cooling effect. It affects the painful, strained and tight muscles and has proven anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, vasodilating, toning and refreshing properties. It is a great remedy for depression, tension, stress and fatigue. It is used to relieve headache, vertigo, fatigue and depression.
Olive oil is one of the most beneficial oils that has proven its healing benefits and has been used since ancient times. Due to vitamin E and K, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols and over 100 microns, olive oil provides high antioxidant protection, acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent, prevents skin aging, fights free radicals and inflammation and prevents pore clogging.

The Recovery ozone therapy is suitable for those who need to get their body work again and want to strengthen and recharge their body, as well as for athletes before or after training.

The cosmetics used Padmalaya studio that deals with ozonated oils is carefully selected so that we can meet the high demands and needs of our super clients. It is 100% natural and does not contain preservatives and artificial ingredients, because we know that nature is the only best source of health and through the application of the right technology it can bring its wonders into our hectic urban life.

The extremely good disinfectant properties of the ozone make it possible that the ozonated oils do not need any preservatives!
These are extremely high-class massage products, with strong restorative properties, saturated with ozone gas by the application of an innovative method. They activate the microcirculation, saturate the cells and tissues with oxygen, strengthen the immune system, and are an irreplaceable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. The ozone concentration is up to 2000 micrograms (or ppm) per milliliter in the vegetable oils that are rich in essential fatty acids - Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

The effect of the ozonated oils is felt up to eight hours after each ozone therapy, and the benefits of the recovery process after the ozone massage have a long-lasting effect. So now each superhero, who has already overcome the unpleasant exhaustion and fatigue, will have the stamina to create his everyday miracles in his own world. Padmalaya studio will gladly offer you high-quality ozonated oils for home care that will help you keep yourselves in great shape.

Don’t forget that even superheroes need recharging, and we know exactly how to do that – through our Recovery ozone therapy, high quality ozone products and the professionalism of our caring therapists.

You can combine Ozone massage with Reflexology (foot massage).

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