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back massage, legs and hands, face or head massage

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Flip the switch on back tension Back & spine reset

Ever feel like the weight of the world is squarely on your shoulders? Like every worry and stressor is conspiring to turn your back into a knotted mess of tension and discomfort? It's not just you. But what makes our Partial Back Massage a cut above the rest? It's tailored to target the epicenter of stress – your back and spine – focusing like a laser on the knots and tensions that have made themselves a little too at home. We're talking precision care that hones in on your upper, middle, or lower back, delivering targeted relief exactly where you need it. And the best part? You don't need to block out an entire day for this slice of heaven. Our Partial Back Massage is designed to fit into your schedule, offering maximum relief in minimum time.

A way to deal with headaches. Head, neck and shoulder massage for neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.
Forget about the headacheFor pain, stress and fatigue

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A Specialized Massage Technique that works on the Pressure Points on the Head / Scalp, Neck & Shoulders.
In the tapestry of our daily lives, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and neck discomfort can emerge as formidable adversaries, disrupting our well-being and hindering the pursuit of a harmonious existence. They often serve as messengers, signaling imbalances that demand our attention.

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Leg pain, foot pain. Effective massage for painful legs and feet.
Kicking chronic pain to the curbserious relief

Specialized therapeutic massage for leg and foot pain

Leg pain and foot pain can be distressing and debilitating conditions that affect people of all ages and lifestyles. This is our specialized therapeutic massage with an exclusive focus on the leg and foot - your allies in the fight against discomfort and pain, with a specialized therapeutic approach that refuses to settle for temporary fixes. Step into a world where pain is met with targeted relief, strategic healing, and a steadfast commitment to your mobility and quality of life.  Give your feet the break they’ve been begging for, and get back to stomping around pain-free. Let's get started.

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partial back massage | Sofia
Removes local painzone massage

Partial massage - Back or legs, or hands

Press ‘refresh’ on your entire being with a back massage that rewrites the narrative of your day, from stressed to supremely serene. Unlock a haven of relief where each stroke on your back turns the key a little more, releasing layers of stress and tension you didn’t even know you were carrying. The partial massage is applied locally, depending on your specific problem and choice. The techniques used are from classical or therapeutic massage. Let a targeted back massage melt away the burdens of the daily pain.

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Special Anti-Age - Lifting Facial Massage | Sofia | Padmalaya Massage Center
Special rejuvenating caresculpting lift

Special Anti-Age - Lifting Facial Massage

It's time to arm yourself in the battle against time. Forget about the silent surrender to wrinkles, sagging skin, and the loss of that youthful glow. Today, we're declaring war on aging with The specialized anti-aging facial lift massage. This isn't just any massage; it's a meticulously crafted strategy for rejuvenation, contour lifting, and skin tightening that will revolutionize your skincare routine. A specialized protocol in 3 phases where each brings to your skin's journey back to youth. 1 - Lymphatic drainage. 2 - Sculpting (modeling). 3 - Lifting massage.

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Rejuvenating facial massage. Anti-aging face massages Sofia.
Beauty from the depths of the seaminerals for the skin

Radiant face, neck, décolletage and hands massage

This facial massage is a real feast for your beauty. Here, the pleasure of pampering the skin meets the knowledge of experts from the French laboratory Phytomer for eternal beauty. A hydrating brightening facial massage can completely transform your radiance and magically make your face glow. It is a professional delicate touch that brings a priceless revitalizing sensation, deeply hydrates the skin and saturates it with minerals and essential trace elements, leaving it satin-smooth, shiny, soft and rested.

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Reflexotherapy - Massage for foot pain
Therapeutic care for the feetReflexology

Foot massage

Applying pressure on reflex areas (zones) is considered to be part of the healing process – it enables the normal energy flow in the body and the functioning of the nervous system, improves the metabolism, activates the blood circulation, and consequently, the supply of the tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients. Reflexology can help in some health conditions such as: weak immunity, migraine, hormonal disorders, and problems, back pain and sleep disorders.

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