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Partial massage /back, legs, shoulders
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Partial massage - Back Massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage Center

Partial back massage

– relaxes the muscles of the back
You want to get rid of the muscle tension in your back, legs or arms but you do not have enough spare time to deal with these problems. If so, we invite you to our studio to benefit from a partial massage.
The partial massage is applied locally, depending on your specific problem and choice. The techniques and the method used are the same as the ones in the classical massage.
The purpose of the partial massage is to speed up the reduction of the tension and eliminate the fatigue and the pain. Back pain can rapidly worsen your quality of life. The pain makes you suffer and kills the joy in your live and there comes a moment when you stop enjoying even the little things and when are not able to do what you love doing. The partial back massage helps you deal with the problem, restores your posture and straight back, and brings your smile back to your face. The massage relaxes your back muscles, makes you feel at ease and restores your energy.

Partial massage of neck, shoulder-blades, shoulders/ neck-collar massage

Neck-collar massage removes stiffness in the neck and relieves the tension.
Your shoulders and neck are stiff and you feel pain- this conditions prevents you from doing your daily activities, even the simplest ones, makes you feel weak, irritable or indifferent. This type of pain is often a result from incorrect posture at work. The partial massage of the neck and shoulders will eliminate the stiffness in your neck and relieve the tension in your shoulders and shoulder blades.

Upper limbs massage

– relaxes the muscles of the arms and the shoulders.
You take your health and strong arms for granted and do not even think that your hands take part in your whole life - from the food that you eat, the work that you do, to the relationships with your loved ones. Some everyday activities may often lead to health problems and cause pain. Working long hours with a mouse and a tablet, hairdressing scissors, as well as some heavy physical activities can cause pain, fatigue and discomfort in your arms. Your arms deserve a massage. The massage relaxes the muscles of the arms and restores their strength and your feeling of lightness.

Lower limbs massage

- improves the condition of your legs and relieves fatigue
We are happy that our legs are strong, flexible and take us where we want to go, but sometimes we forget to give them some rest. Your legs withstand the entire weight of your body and you should care more about them. Give them some rest and relaxation. Foot massage relaxes the muscles, relieves the tension, stress, numbness, reduces the swelling, acts preventively against blood clots, and improves the blood circulation.

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