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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.

~ Rumi

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Specialty healing signature massage
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Since we strive to achieve inspiring results in our work, the team of Padmalaya massages studio offers


This massage therapy is a combination of the techniques used in all the other types of massages that we offer. Applying this type of massage, the therapist is not limited by particular techniques typical for some individual massages, so the greatest advantage is that by using the wisdom embedded in ancient methods, the therapist can achieve optimal results that correspond to your needs.

The main aim when applying this SIGNATURE MASSAGE is achieving harmony and balance of the whole body.

This type of massage helps the muscles to relax, improves the lymphatic circulation, improves the overall health, relieves fatigue and stress and elevates your mood. It can also relieve tension, restore the normal levels of the blood pressure, and improve the metabolism and the functions of all organs and systems in the body.

This specialty SIGNATURE massage strengthens the muscles, increases the endorphin levels (which reduces pain), improves the efficiency of the cardio-respiratory system and the functions of the digestive organs.

If you are willing to benefit from this therapy and you trust the ability of our therapist to combine various massage techniques, you will be pleasantly surprised and this specialty massage will exceed your expectations.

You can combine Signature massage with Reflexology (foot massage).

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