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Relaxing massage
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Relaxing massage in Padmalaya Massage Center in Sofia

Blissful rest and mindfulness, relaxation for the mind and body and each body cell, soothing music designed to delight your senses, tender touch that makes you feel reborn.
The Relaxing massage in Padmalaya is a journey from the world of stress, mental discomfort, tension and fatigue to your own beautiful universe of sensitivity, tranquility and rest – peace not only for your body but also for your restless mind.

The Relaxing massage gives you a light, delicate and pleasant feeling. This anti-stress massage is performed with lighter techniques and strokes that relieve the accumulated stress from your body and mind. The massage has a harmonizing effect, relaxes your muscles, relieves pain, clears thoughts and improves your health thanks to the cleansing healing energy.

The Relaxing massage, applied regularly has many benefits:

  • improves sleep
  • relieves stiff muscles
  • eliminates stress and accumulated tension
  • lowers depression
  • calms the nervous system
  • improves metabolism
  • improves digestion
  • boosts your mood and eliminates anxiety
  • leads to a state of tranquility, inner peace and deep relaxation

With this calming anti-stress massage in Padmalaya recovery center you give yourself an unforgettable gift that will restore your balance and make you feel relaxed. Tranquility and harmony are the most essential elements of well-being, peaceful mind and feeling of happiness. You deserve it!

Useful advice: If you want to fully enjoy the relaxing massage effect and benefit from it a few more days, after the massage session do not rush into any hectic, noisy or adrenaline boosting and stressful activities.
You can combine Relaxing massage with Reflexology (foot massage).

Relaxing massage in Sofia. Padmalaya Massage Center. 11 Sveti Sedmochislenitsi St.

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