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The massage is the art to help the body to replicate the healing powers of nature.

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Signature Japanese massage
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Signature Japanese massage – for effective detox and body restart

If you really love practicing massage therapy, you are aware of most standard massages and you know the effects and benefits of them, such as the pleasure of the relaxation massage, the healing effect of the restorative massage, the state of relief after Shiatsu massage… Yet, really good therapists are able to take the massage quality to a new level. They know how to combine different techniques to achieve maximum long-lasting effect, to make every part of your body rejuvenate and your senses to be full of joy. Today, at Padmalaya we offer you such a professional pleasure - the Japanese Signature massage – performed by our certified therapist from Japan.

Who is the Japanese massage suitable for?

An inactive lifestyle is among the main reasons that cause different diseases in the modern world. When muscles are kept in the same position for a long time, they become stiff and then stick to the bones and adjacent muscles in your body. Connective tissue is formed and is rather painful and causes great discomfort. The worst thing is the adhesion of the muscles that are attached to the spine - it can lead to heaviness, back pain, lower back pain and nerve problems.

Problems related to the vegetative nervous system often lead to increased anxiety and tension, nausea, excessive sweating, general lethargy, headaches, fatigue and exhaustion, stiff shoulders, numbness in arms and legs, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, depression, anxiety, insomnia...

If you find some of the above health problems as your case, then the Japanese author’s massage is the right solution for you that will help restore your energy and make you active again.

What happens during the Japanese massage?

The combination of techniques is designed to remove adhesion between bones and muscles and between the muscles themselves (fascia). This will enable the restoration of the vital space where waste materials and water from the body can flow. It will create conditions for easier and more effective detoxification. /Don't forget to drink more water the day after the massage/.

The Japanese massage is a bit stronger but it will improve the circulation of energy, blood, lymph and water in your body and make it feel more relaxed and energetic, /you can always control the pressure by telling the therapist how you feel/. During the massage, the therapist may, at her discretion, use cupping or hot stones to encourage relaxation of very stiff muscles.

How you feel after the massage?

It is worth the delight and positive change

Every massage in Padmalaya will make you forget about the world outside and dive into the feeling of full pleasure that your senses will truly appreciate. And although in an hour or two you may have to return to your hectic day and overloaded schedule, your body will be grateful for this real restart, because revived with new life force, it will function much more correctly, it will bring you more joy and you will be active, energetic and smiling again.

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