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Cupping massage
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Cuppping massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage center

Cups were used in ancient times as a method for unclogging blocked meridians in the body so that vital energy Qi can flow freely in the body. According to thе ancient people in China each disease is a vibration that should be withdrawn from the body. Even nowadaysthe cupping treatment is highly respected in Eastern medicine.

The therapy is also known as cupping massage, vacuum massage, cupping treatment and cupping therapy.

Cups were used in the ancient times as a method for unclogging blocked meridians in the body so that vital energy Qi can flow freely in the body. According to the ancient people in China the disease is vibration that should be withdrawn from the body. Even today the cupping treatment is respected in Eastern medicine.

The suction cups are small cups in which a vacuum is created and thus they cause sucking of the skin at the area where they are placed. The vacuum causes increased blood flow that is directed to the treated area.

The cups are made of different materials. In the past they were made of bamboo or buffalo horn, now there are wooden, ceramic, glass, plastic and silicone cups.

The therapeutic effect of the cupping therapy is achieved through the vacuum that causes a rush of blood and lymph, coming from the deep tissues. It is directed to the skin, which in turn has a reflexive effect on the blood vessels of the internal organs. In the treated area are formed biologically active substances that stimulate restorative processes.

According to some studies 70% of the diseases are caused by the inability of the blood to reach certain parts of the body. The treatment by the application of cupping therapy helps the blood to reach those parts of the body which are in adequately supplied with blood.

The cupping massage eliminates acidic toxic contaminants (blood stasis, blood stagnation) that have accumulated in our bodies over the years. These contaminants are due to polluted air, chemicals used in food and beverages, environmental pollution, smoking, fast food, stress, depression, trauma, etc. The contaminated blood blocks the oxygen and the nutrients supply to reach the capillaries.

According to Eastern medicine the cupping therapy helps in the following health conditions:

  • cold, bronchitis, bronchial asthma;
  • acute and chronic gastritis, colitis;
  • migraine, headaches
  • neck pain, cervical spondylosis;
  • back pain and lower back pain, lumbago, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, disc disease, rheumatoid arthritis;
  • fibrosis of the neck and shoulder, plexitis, neuritis;
  • muscle tension;
  • leg pain, plexitis;
  • insomnia, stress and
  • cellulite

The vacuum massage increases the blood circulation, unblocks the lymphatic channels and removes the toxins from the body. Thus, the blockages of the meridians are eliminated and the level of vital energy Qiincreases.

In most cases, after cupping massages the treated area of the skin becomes red and some spots, resembling bruises, might appear, but these post-therapy effects are known as common slight side effects. Depending on the type of the human body, they disappear within a few hours or several days.

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