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Beauty is when you appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you are most beautiful.

~ Zoe Kravitz



Make the Special Gift of Massage with Massage packages for your loved ones.

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Make a gift of health and relaxation

Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones.

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Massage packages for your loved ones

We believe that your loved ones deserve an unforgettable experience that will bring them more harmony, balance and happiness. The voucher offered by Padmalaya massage studio is an invaluable and original gift for your loved one, your best friend, your partner, colleague or even your boss.

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Aromatherapy - Aroma Fusion Escape

Relaxation therapies

Aromatherapy - Aroma massage

Aromatherapy massage gives our clients the healing power of the essential oils and fragrant plant essences. Herbal essential oils help us cope with stress and anxiety and their healing properties enable the body to overcome diseases and illnesses. Aromatherapy is a natural way of boosting and maintaining good health and positive thoughts. Thanks to its subtle effect the harmony in the body and mind is delicately restored.

Regular massages with essential oils enable easier and deeper breathing, relieve skin irritations, nourish and maintain the skin in good condition. They stimulate the blood circulation, improve detoxification, relax the muscles and soothe the peripheral nervous system. Essential oils have antiseptic and disinfectant effect, mitigate cough, strengthen the body and soothe the pain.

Aromatherapy - Aroma Fusion Escape for an absolute moment of wellbeing where the body is swept away by a sweet sensation of lightness, resourcing and wholeness.

Manual aroma massage relieves the stress, fatigue, and emotional tension of everyday life -
A combination of relaxing, draining and energising techniques to promote a moment of pure relaxation and resourcing.

In need of relaxation, craving for supple soft and well hydrated skin, in need of redefining your silhouette and to increase the firmness and tone of your skin, whether you have only 60 minutes or several hours, your certified Yon-Ka beautician can recommend the aromatic treatment that is best suited to your needs and expectations, both in the salon and at home.

An ethereal body range with 4 aromatic synergies, 4 benefits, 4 sensory journeys that will transport you to iconic regions of France and it's territories.


Each client is offered a highly personalized experience:
DETOX = Lavender / Everlasting. “Getaway to Provence”
SILHOUETTE = Cedar / Cypress. “Walk in the Forest”
RELAX = Tiare Flower / Jasmine. “Journey to Polynesia”
VITALITY = Mandarin / Sweet Orange. “Corsican Delight”

AROMA-SCULPT MASSAGE - “Walk in the Forest”

A re-energising breath of fresh air with essential oils of Cedar and Cypress inspired by French forests for a renewed feeling of lightness and well-being.

Aromatic awakening, stretching and back massage. Manual massage with draining and sculpting manoeuvres with bamboos on the legs. The ultimate relaxation experience thanks to a toning massage, using bamboos. The pressures are both vibrant and soft so to bring a sensation of lightness, particularly beneficial on the legs.

Results: When the bamboo glides, rolls over and rotate on the body surface, it helps promote draining and improves the skin's resilience. The pressures are both dynamic and soft leaving you with a sensation of lightness and better energy. This is the perfect massage for tiredness, heavy legs or after exercising intensely.

AROMA-RELAX MASSAGE - “Journey to Polynesia”

Take off to a heavenly place and its warm and floral notes of Tiare Flowers an Jasmine for a peaceful feeling and total well-being.

Relaxing massage for deep relaxation and an intense feeling of well-being. The massage activates microcirculation to ease muscle tension, relieve the pain and allows the mind to escape. The skin is smoother and softer, the muscle tensions vanish, you feel filled with inner peace and intense wellbeing.

AROMA-DETOX-MASSAGE - “Getaway to Provence”

The re-balancing and calming effect of the iconic essential oils of Provence : Lavender and Everlasting.

Detoxifying, relaxing aromatic treatment Enhances the process of eliminating toxins.
Advised for sports lovers, stressed and tired people, for those who want to keep their figure, for a change in seasons, or prior to a slimming treatment program.

AROMA-ENERGY - “Corsican Delight”

An escape to the fruity notes of Corsica, the Island of Beauty, as french refer to it. Revive your energy with the invigorating scents of Mandarine and Sweet Orange.

Rebalancing massage with hands and feet acupressure. The sustained pressure with the fingertips on specific targeted areas of the hands and feet allow to lift the energy blockages, relieve stress and relax. With your new-found energy, you are ready to resume daily tasks with energy and positivity.

Results: The energy flow regulations on the 12 meridians of the body help rebalance and regain your original energy.


At home, Yon-ka offers you 4 ranges of efficient solutions, sensorial and with nice scents. These product allow you to bring home the AROMA-FUSION experience and to prolong it in the comfort of your home.

RELAX - Tiare FLOWER-Jasmine
Head off to Polynesia with its Tiare flower & Jasmine fragrances, a relaxing line with magic scent. With its delicate & feminine pink packaging, it holds the promise of a well-deserved break from our busy lives.
GOMMAGE SUCRE RELAX, a 2-sugar scrub which exquisite texture will beautify your skin.
HUILE DELICIEUSE, a feather-light oil, a treasure trove of beauty for skin and hair.

VITALITY - Mandarine and Sweet Orange
Regain your original vitality, get rid of stress and re-balance thanks to this range which secrets are hidden into the revitalsing and relaxing essential oils of Mandarine and Sweet Orange which transport you in Corsica, the Island of all beauties.
CRÈME MAINS, a 3 in 1 cream to comfort even the driest hands, nails and ongles et cuticules.
GOMMAGE SUCRE VITALITÉ, a pure indulging cocooning scrub with 2 sugars to bring back energy to the skin.

DETOX - Lavender and Everlasting
Say goodbye to dull skins in lack of oxygene! With these four products rich in Provence's iconic essential oils of Lavender and Everlasting, you regain balance, purify and relax ! With this new lavender blue range, at last you can enjoy an efficient detox.
PHYTO-BAIN, a bath and shower oil to recreate the spa effect at home.
LAIT HYDRATANT, a 3 in 1 body milk : hydrating, nourishing and reparing.
HUILE DETOX, a light-weight oil to complement efficiently the detox program.
GOMMAGE DOUX, this a soft body scrub is the promise to soft and beautiful skin.

SILHOUETTE - Cedar-Cypress
Targeted Action for Beautiful Contours!
Breathe...Massage...Tone ! Thanks to the essential oils of Cedar, Cypress and Rosemary, recognised for their liposolvant, toning and firming properties, remodeling your figure turns into a whole new enjoyable moment and all of the sudden you imagine you are hiking in a frest .
HUILE SILHOUETTE, feather-light toning and smoothing dry oil to target specific area of concern.

You can combine Aromatherapy massage with Reflexology (foot massage). See our promotional offers.

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