The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

~ Socrates

Stagnant energy - Clear your thougths, clear your life

How to remove energy blockages?

We are born innocent into perfect bodies free of stress, emotional toxins and anxiety. Do we know what lies ahead on the day of our birth? Do we then, when we first open our eyes to see the sun, carry with us the idea of our true self, of the person we are, who we want to become, and whose potential we carry in our hearts?
We take our first breath and begin to breathe life, to gain experience in material and emotional terms, to develop, to grow - not only physically, but also as individuals. Every step changes our world perspective, every encounter with problems, people and challenges teaches us adaptability and flexibility.

Clear your energy
Clear your thoughts
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Energy blockages

Stagnant energy - to clear our lives

energy blockages
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Every step changes our worldview, every encounter with problems, people and challenges teaches us adaptability and flexibility. We rush forward, we race with our fellows, we trip, we fall, we get up, we win and we lose, and somewhere along the way, much sooner than we think, our purity begins to become dirty, and fears enter the clear stream of our consciousness, disappointments, sadness, insults, threats, emotional traumas, which unhealed, unhealed, suppressed become energy blockages and block the flow of our vital energy. Over time, they begin to accumulate, clog us, clog us, suffocate us and can make us sick both our thoughts and our perfectly clean bodies.

Energy blockages are residual energy from emotional traumas that we constantly experience on a subconscious level, and although they appear to be non-existent, their effects persist, resulting in struggle in certain areas of life such as love, health, professional development, finances. Imagine the plumbing system with clean strong running water. When a pipe begins to clog, the flow is no longer as strong, the water is no longer as clear... and when the pipe is completely clogged, it bursts and an accident occurs.

Emotional blockages are hard to recognize. A large part of them are the result of events already in childhood and youth. Disappointments, unresolved issues and emotional stress become our shadow. Unhealed, they begin to affect our perceptions and reactions later in life, obstruct the path of free-flowing vital energy within us, and lead to new and new problems.

Our mother's angry reaction to some childhood shenanigans, the overworked neighbor's remark about the noise we make, the unkind teacher in fifth grade, the big disappointment of our first love, the critical boss who bullied us last year, the betrayal of a friend, the aggressive driver, who bumped into us this morning on the way to work...

When we get swept up in the hectic business daily life of busy adults, we become part of the endless struggles for emotional supremacy, battles for survival, fair or unfair competition, selfishness and self-validation. "You're not good enough!", "You're not pretty enough!", "You can't handle it!", "That's not enough!", "You need more!" - droplets of poison soak into our minds, superimpose and sink into our hearts to give rise to tension, insomnia, stress, anxiety, apathy, or some kind of auto-aggression.

These moments, seemingly insignificant, contribute to a repository of emotional toxins. These toxins, if not cleared, weave a tapestry of tension, insomnia, anxiety, and more, steering us towards a cyclone of self-doubt and negation, where the chorus of "not enough" plays on repeat.

In the race of life, as we chase after emotional validation and survival, we often neglect our need for self-preservation, spiraling into adulthood overburdened, demotivated, and energy-depleted. Day by day, year after year, we accumulate these emotional toxins, forming blockages in our energy field that weigh us down, creating tension and heaviness, obscuring our vision through life's fogged window and leading us down familiar paths of repetitive mistakes and patterns.

How to recognize emotional blockages?

As a result of blocking our energy, we lose focus of our own world. It's like we're looking through a fogged-up window, and the fog prevents us from making the right decisions. We become depressed, we abuse food or alcohol, we feel down and tired, apathetic, dissatisfied, we are unable to take a deep breath and breathe to our full capacity, we put off making decisions on various issues, we feel that we are stuck on one place... We repeat the same old patterns that lead to the same mistakes - we meet the same person, although we choose different partners, we move into the same noisy apartment, although this time we think we chose quiet place, we come across the same despotic boss, although we have changed jobs to a completely new and pleasant environment. We get stuck in stressful situations. We find ourselves on the dark side of life. Sinking into problems, our thoughts create a vibration that can potentially attract more of the same.

Somewhere under the dozens of layers of ballast, we lose our precious intuition and our golden essence, forcefully get on the merry-go-round of life and start spinning in a monotonous and exhausting circle, repeating the same behavior that leads us to the same mistakes, until let's push even more and not lose our strength and inner happiness. This applies both to the work environment and to our relationships with family, loved ones, and friends.
The human body, in most cases unconsciously, reacts to any emotion, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Over time, decision-making processes become automated, and this reflects not only on our physiology but also on our psyche. And if relaxation, personal time, a hug, a kiss, declared support, approval and small moments of joy saturate and charge us with physical pleasure and health, then emotional toxins clog us, block our inner sources for a full life, filled with inner stability, and break down our resistance to stressors.

The negative impact of stress and tension can be affected by balancing the energy flow in the body and restoring its original purity.

But what if I told you there's a way out of this fog? A way to disperse these clouds and let the sunlight of clarity, peace, and vitality shine through once more?

This is where Seiki - energy therapy - comes to the rescue...

The effects of Seiki are like dispersing the clouds that reveal the rays of the sun in the clear sky.

Seiki doesn’t just treat symptoms; it dives deep, addressing the root of blockages, freeing your emotions, aligning your consciousness, and rejuvenating your spirit. It’s about hitting the reset button on your body's natural healing abilities, purifying your energy, and detoxifying your mind, spirit, and body. This isn’t just therapy; it’s a liberation, a return to your essence, unburdened by the past, breathing life fully, freely, and with unabashed joy.

Seiki restores peace of mind, frees the body of stress, harmonizes thoughts, releases tension and helps us breathe freely again by activating the body's natural powers of self-healing.

Inherent in the Seiki philosophy is the idea of "eliminating" unhealthy ideas, thought patterns, emotional trauma, chronic conditions, blockages, and all obstacles that stand in the way of natural health and well-being.

"Seiki" means energy purification, detox of mind, spirit and body, balancing physical and creative energy and restoring the body's natural powers.

Energy anti-stress Seiki massage releases and removes the burden of old and new negative emotions and clears emotional toxins to breathe life deeper, more freely, with pleasure and to the fullest.

So, if you're ready to lift the veil of emotional blockages, to cleanse your energy and rediscover your inner sunlit path, Seiki energy therapy awaits. It’s more than just an escape; it’s a journey back to your true self, unchained, vibrant, and radiantly alive.

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