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Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.

~ Carl Gustav Jung

SEIKI - Energy method from Japan

Removing blockages and obstacles

Inner peace

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." said Friedrich Nietzsche, a message that can successfully define Seiki.

This method is based on the theory from the East that our body knows exactly what it needs and that it has a natural ability to turn on its internal forces and correct its own imbalance.

Seiki is finding the way to ourselves and understanding our true desires and deep nature. At the heart of Seiki is the idea of ​​cleansing and elimination - liberation from distorted patterns, hardened beliefs and ideas, blockages, stress, trauma, pain, disease - everything that stands in the way of the natural - the health with which we were born .

Seiki- Energy Therapy Sofia
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Seiki is unlike any traditional massage. Rather, it can be likened to an energy healing therapy, but is a method of healing, a way.

You do not need to take off your clothes, there is no massage oil and no traditional massage techniques, although there is a light touch. It also does not resemble Reiki or other energy therapy. Although Seiki works with energy, it does not transfer energy, open energy channels or work with the chakras.

The effects of Seiki are like the scattering of clouds that reveal the sun's rays in the clear sky.

In addition to relaxing muscles, Seiki detoxifies the brain, clears the mind, rebalances physical and mental energy levels; activates the vital energy and internal forces of the body, activates the body's ability to heal itself, restores the body's natural balance. Helps to get rid of accumulated stress and tension, old or new emotional traumas, restores your original self, positively affects chronic or disease states. Fundamentally, Seiki treats the breath. By following the movement of the breath, the body rediscovers its space, its originality. It is the simplest and purest form of healing.

We have become stress magnets.

We are exposed to stress, tension, negative thoughts and confused emotions on a daily basis, starting with food choices and congestion, difficult relationships and complex relationships, a difficult work environment, overwork, an attempt to balance responsibilities and the inability to take time. for ourselves, inability to get rid of old emotional traumas, fear, mistrust, confusion, anxiety… All this toxicity accumulates and stays in the body and mind and gradually drains our strength and energy. We have become stress magnets. Over time, this stress becomes our natural state. We live with a constant feeling of pressure from the environment and at the same time we create pressure on ourselves and others. We collect and store energy information such as traumas and painful memories, hurt feelings - some that even take us far back in childhood.

Our life energy is unbalanced, stagnant and blocked. Day after day, year after year… we collect and store our toxic experiences, accumulate them in the mind and consciousness, in the muscles, in the fascia, in the bones, in every cell … and if we do not make the effort to throw this poison out, at one point it becomes a disease and a discomfort for both the body and the soul.

When the body is not in harmony, disease as a manifestation is one of the body's natural reactions.
Diseases and pain are an expression of stagnant and blocked energy. Discomfort mental or physical arises from the body's attempts to restore balance and equilibrium.

Seiki is energy purification - detoxification of the mind, spirit and body, balancing physical and mental energy and restoring balance in the body. Seiki (SEI means balance and harmony, and KI - energy and movement, Soho - direction, guidance).
Seiki is a method or rather guidance and direction to awaken the body's strength for self-healing and to restore balance, to direct the body to its path of recovery and the original natural state of health and harmony. Seiki is a freedom that starts from the inside out or the right action in the right place at the right time.

The purpose of this energy therapy is to free the body from blockages and accumulated negative emotions, manifested or not yet manifested as illness, tension, stress or discomfort. Seiki's goal is to awaken the blocked life force KI (QI) and return the body to its natural balance.

Through energy guidance conducted by the therapist, the body activates its own healing mechanisms. Through a complete visual perception and intuition and sensation through the hands, the therapist resonates with the patient's body and thus determines the specific areas of the body that need treatment. The session is performed on the ground on a tatami / soft mat / with comfortable clothes.

In case of disturbed internal energy harmony, the therapist achieves through resonance of energy vibrations a "state of harmonious functioning", which helps the body to activate its own mechanism for self-healing.


Relaxation: The first tangible effect of Seiki is relaxation, and it is obvious when the patient's breathing become deeper. The body and mind relax and become quieter, calmer and more sensitive and receptive.
2. Activation of the regenerative function of the body: Sensitivity helps to achieve clarity of self - in the process of Seiki session a person acquires a clear awareness of the accumulated tension, heaviness and problems. Sometimes the feeling can bring hints of bitterness, but it is the result of a new and deeper awareness of the need for self-knowledge and self-improvement, the return of our natural state is an unadulterated self - a state of health and wholeness. Then on a mental level the functions for elimination of toxins and removal of heaviness and tension are activated. In this way the harmony between body and spirit is restored. In the course of the Seiki session with the strengthening of these factors, the overall BODY-MIND connection is renewed and becomes more dynamic, creating a sense of wholeness. Our life force is activated, and hence the regenerative function of the body. As a result, symptoms such as pain, headache, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, hyperactive mind and hyper emotions, depression, and other ailments may disappear.

Overall health is improving, the world around us is harmonizing.

Elimination: The accumulated tension from past experiences and stress, emotional trauma, fatigue and exhaustion, fear, frustration and illusions, gradually leave the body and this is felt both physically and through the mind and soul. The balance between consciousness and subconsciousness is restored. Complete removal of subconscious tension is achieved and the normal state of mind and body is restored. Physical signs of these processes can be bowel movements, yawning, coughing, seeing different colors and pictures, feeling warm or cold, feeling vibrations, spontaneous body movements, memories or emotions. Spontaneous movements of the body are called "Katsugen" and are an expression of natural purification (garbage disposal) and elimination of blockages, whether emotional or physical, internal or visible. This is the body's way of moving stagnant energy and rearranging the internal energy centers.

Seiki is not exactly a therapy, but a basic way to maintain the body's natural health.
With the manifestation of the resonance of energies, calmness naturally occurs. With the clearing of blockages and clogged and stagnant energy, life becomes easier and happier and one returns to one's true self. After a Seiki session, people usually say that they feel more themselves and can breathe calmly again, feeling closer to nature. The rigid patterns break, the consciousness expands, they feel lighter and in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

At a basic level, we can say that Seiki treats breathing, as the body follows the movement of breathing, it rediscovers its place and originality. This is the simplest and purest form of therapy, but the modern world often ignores and denies the simplest and easiest things. The body's natural and innate desire to seek harmony and balance is suppressed and overshadowed by daily problems, pressure and stress, which manifest as physical and emotional problems and disruption and blockage of natural life energy. Seiki raises this dark curtain, providing space for the body and provoking its natural sensitivity and inner sensitivity to what it needs, helping it to reveal exactly these otherwise imperceptible signals of the absolute need to clear the thigh, remove blockages and break of stereotypical models.

There is no way to summarize a group of cases or health issues that Seiki can help with, because it is about finding your own way and taking control of your own emotions. Seiki is finding the way to ourselves, cultivating the spirit, looking into ourselves and developing our own potential and creativity.

Seiki is not a diagnosis. There are no miracles, shortcuts or instant healings. Seiki is a guidence in which one finds his way to himself and healing and full understanding is achieved from within

Achieving a better understanding of our originality helps to eliminate negative emotions, anxieties and destructive thoughts. The long-term benefits of Seiki may include:

  • a deeper connection with true self-awareness
  • unity of subconscious and consciousness
  • the willingness to react to life instead of resisting or hiding from it
  • the ability to be more spontaneous, freer to be yourself and to act
  • desire to take care of ourselves

"I do not seek, I find" - Kishi Akinobu
The creator of the Seiki method is Sensei Akinobu Kishi - a Zen master and student of the great teachers Namikoshi and Masunaga. As a practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu, Kishi noticed that after treatment with Shiatsu, the client improved significantly, but for a while until he became a victim of his old habits again. His solution to this problem is through careful observation to learn exactly what the energy in the patient's body wants from him and to discover how to observe, feel and work with this energy on a more subtle and intuitive level. Kishi dedicates his life to developing, working and helping people with this method. "I do not seek, I find" - is the motto of Kishi.

Seiki Soho is the name given by Kishi Akinobi and follows the style of his work in the Shiatsu tradition. Kishi first called his method "Shinto Shiatsu" and then "Seiki" and "Seiki-Soho" (Life Energy Guide). Kishi developed this approach, restoring the principles of Shinto (Path of the Spirit) in Shiatsu therapy, as well as the Eastern philosophical understanding of what we are and what it means to be healthy. He does not aim to move away from tradition, but expresses his passion for this approach, looking for the best way for a person to discover his inner strength and restore his health. Kishi Akinobu sees a person's health as a result of our experiences and state of mind, which are inextricably linked. This task takes him 30 years. By balancing from the inside out, physical health improves and our relationships with others and the world harmonize.

Who is Seiki for?
Seiki is for everyone and because it works from the inside out it can help with many ailments or conditions of a neurological, psychosomatic, structural or emotional nature or just an energetic balance.The body has all the answers and can take care of itself.At the heart of all diseases lies the accumulation of fatigue, stress and stagnant energy. For example, brain fatigue prevents blood from reaching the stomach faster, causing poor blood circulation and problems with the stomach and digestion. Difficulty breathing may be due to tension in the diaphragm, which in turn can be the result of repressed emotions. Suppression as a manifestation - Repressive conditions are associated with accumulated stagnant energy and are a precursor to many disease states. They can begin in early childhood involving complex emotional relationships with parents.

As a defense mechanism, the body responds and suppresses these painful or anxious memories, but over time this suppression can lead to detachment, isolation, or self-destructive patterns of behavior, which may include symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, "shutdown" or inability to function effectively. Repression is a state of mind.

In this case, we need to push out the old and stagnant energy and blockages and replace them with new clean energy. Medicine rejects the mind as the cause of the disease, but modern and recent research shows that these views need to be reconsidered. Psychological disorders can cause physical illnesses such as dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, stomach ulcers, heart problems and disorders of the immune system, thyroid gland and others. If these difficulties persist and these conditions are not affected, they can lead to more serious and widespread diseases.

Only through constant awareness and purification can we develop the necessary sensitivity to rediscover the full creative and joyful potential of our original personality and strength. Seiki has a unique approach to life and healing.
Barely perceptible and at the same time profound, this method is open to all.

4 - 10 sessions are recommended.

* Seiki is a complementary method and cannot replace the treatment you are undergoing.

* The session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, and this is individual for each session and cannot be determined in advance.


Prices for Seiki - energy therapy. Energy massage.
Seiki - Energy massage - Unique energy therapy

Seiki works from the inside out and can help you achieve natural state of harmony within your body and mind, it can free of tension, stress and anxiety. It can help you release the stagnant energy that causes dysfunction. Supports body natural healing process.

60 min. - 75 BGN
Combined massages and therapies prices
Anti-stress Relaxing massage + Seiki

Two massages in One for relaxing, clearing thoughts, stress and negative energy. This anti-stress massage relaxes your muscles, clears thoughts and improves your health Eliminates blockages and stress. Restores breathing and elevates stress and tension.

90 min. - 125 BGN
Combined Anti-stress therapy Shiatsu + Seiki

Remove obstacles that block the flow of energy through the meridians of the body. Eliminates stagnant energy, pain and tension in the body. Restores breathing and elevates stress.

90 min. - 125 BGN
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