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Hot Stone massage
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How the hot stone massage helps mussels’ relaxation? Hot stone massage – Earth's natural healing energy that relieves stress, pain and stiffness

If you've ever experienced the magic of a hot volcanic stone massage, you'll understand why we talk about it with such an excitement. And if you haven't, you should know that at PADMALAYA we always have something special to offer you. There's no better time to reconnect with Mother Earth, benefit from the healing power of warm volcanic massage stones and escape from your hectic everyday life by giving yourself an hour or two of holistic therapeutic massage to enjoy total bliss.

What is Hot Stone massage?

If you're looking for a stress-relieving, relaxing, and deeply calming therapy, there's nothing better than a warm volcanic stone massage. If you have stiff muscles, limited mobility and body aches and pains, then this massage is for you.

Hot stone massage is a type of therapeutic treatment where heated volcanic stones are placed on specific body areas or used as a massaging tool with constant soothing pressure to achieve therapeutic benefits.

On the most important body energy area, the massage therapist first places gentle oils, and then the warm, smooth stones, which are actually hardened pieces of volcanic lava. They give you nice feeling and take away the cold and tension while the warmth of the earth in them penetrates into your body. The therapist then starts gently moving them to spread the pleasant sensation, relieve the muscle tension, improve your blood circulation and ease your body and mind.

Why hot volcanic stones?

The main purpose of hot volcanic stone massage is to dilate blood vessels and thus to increase blood flow and the movement of oxygen and nutrients in the body. This supports the function of the major systems: the central nervous, muscular and lymphatic systems. Increased circulation increases joint mobility by lengthening muscle fibers and connective tissue.

The size, shape and texture of the stones used are extremely important in achieving the desired results. The stones are carefully selected to be ideal for this type of body treatment. First of all, their surface should be very smooth and flat; secondly, they should be of ideal size and weight.

Basalt stones are used because they retain heat for a long time and release it slowly and evenly.

Ancient therapists claim that the special areas where the stones are placed control the energy flow of the body and when these special zones are recharged they can help restore balance to the body and soul. So take the chance to experience the healing benefits of this deeply therapeutic treatment and give some Chi to your body?

Where does this wonderful hot volcanic stone massage come from?

Hot volcanic stone massage is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. From its beginning, the therapy involved the use of flat, heated stones (basalt stones) that can support the function of important organs in the body. The weight and heat from the hot stones slowly penetrate the soft tissues of the body in a way that cannot be achieved with a single massage alone.

The highly positive effect of this ancient therapy made professionals in recent years to think how to improve, modernize and use it as much as possible in spa treatments in order to achieve more relaxation and beauty for their clients.

Why to choose hot volcanic stone massage?

Stress, back pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression or anxiety, poor blood circulation, stagnant lymph - all these problems can be relieved by a pleasant, relaxing and healing massage with warm volcanic stones.

Virtually everyone can benefit from the magical heat that helps relax muscles, even muscles such as those in the temples and jaws that contribute to headaches or teeth grinding when tight and tense.

A lot of tension, muscle knots or lactic acid build-up after exercise can also be relieved by the heat and increased blood flow. The reverse circulation will also provide more oxygen to the skin to improve its performance and appearance.

Professional volcanic stone massage is extremely effective

Volcanic stone massage has very good benefits in treating stiff and sore muscles. The main task of the hot stones is to relax the extremely tense muscles so that the therapist can provide a deeper and more relaxing massage without causing excessive pain.

The massage is suitable in all seasons but especially during the cold months

Warm volcanic massage is especially effective during cold weather as our bodies have to work harder to maintain homeostasis and a constant body temperature.

Hot stone massage and healing massage help the body use energy more efficiently, improving all processes and functions in the body. This has many benefits, including maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune system, which helps protect the body against infections that are prevalent in the cold months and supports overall general health.

Hot stone massage helps good sleep and releases stress

In addition, the specific placement of the stones during the massage provides release to specific targeted muscles and trigger points. As a result, hot stones combined with a good massage also help reduce stress and anxiety levels, improving sleep quality.

Thus, thanks to our massage with warm volcanic stones, you will also feel a significant reduction in anxiety and stress, especially if you have to cope with daily heavy workload. Volcanic stone therapy can replace sleeping pills because it relaxes the body, eliminates sleep problems and has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Make an appointment for Hot Stone massage

Do you know that at Padmalaya we give our clients expert advice and treat them with special attention? This is why we tailor our procedures entirely to your individual condition and wishes. So if you want to experience the benefits of this pleasant and healing massage with warm volcanic stones give us a call or book an appointment online now.

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