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Manual Lymph Drainage
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What is manual lymph drainage and what are the benefits?

The lymphatic system has one of the most important roles among all the complex systems in the human body. It maintains health and immunity, constantly purifying and detoxifying the body.
Manual lymph drainage is a highly effective, slow, and smooth technique that promotes the health of the lymphatic system by improving lymph flow and ensuring its proper circulation. It supports detoxification and removal of waste products in the metabolic processes, as well as various toxins built up in the tissues coming from the environment - bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals in the food, water, air, cosmetic products, and household chemical substances.

Who is manual lymph drainage suitable for?

If you feel sleepy or constantly tired, if you wake up in the morning with a feeling you do not get enough sleep, if you have frequent headaches or joint and muscle pain if your legs swell and feel "heavy", if you have cellulite build-up and hardened areas on your body if you often feel stiff all over and you feel less mobile, if your work involves long hours in front of the computer in a sitting position or long hours standing on your feet, if you are under too much constant daily stress, if you do not get enough physical activity if you have irregular and unhealthy meals, then you definitely need lymph drainage.

What conditions indicate lymph stagnation and an urgent need for detox and lymph drainage?

• joint pain
• swelling of the legs or arms
• facial puffiness
• painful and hardened areas
• stiffness
• cellulite
• obesity
• frequent eczema and allergies
• itchy skin
• fatigue
• chronic stress
• frequent headaches
• constipation
• increased phlegm
• frequent inflammation and irritation of the throat
• white tongue
• night sweats
• disorders of the digestive system
• primary or secondary lymphedema
• lipedema
• phlebolymphedema
• postoperative edema
• rheumatoid arthritis
• fibromyalgia

Lymphatic massage is very suitable for the prevention of lipedema

Cellulitis is often a chronic lymphedema when waste toxic substances accumulate in the cells, subcutaneous fat cells increase, and join together to form clusters that press the blood vessels and the upper layers of the skin. The result is a deterioration of the blood flow, which hinders the delivery of nutritional components to the cells and slows down the release of toxins from the lymphatic system.

What are the benefits of lymph drainage?

• Improves lymph circulation
• Improves blood circulation
• Reduces swelling and puffiness in the body
• Removes excess fluid from the body - retained water
• Ensures the normal functions of internal organs
• Relieves the discomfort of "tired legs" syndrome
• Eliminates chronic fatigue
• Improves metabolism and stimulates the digestive system
• Stimulates the immune system
• Strengthens the venous system
• Tightens the skin
• Reduces the volume of fat cells and thus reduces cellulite
• Tones the muscles
• Shapes the body contour
• Boosts energy
• Minimizes PMS symptoms
• Speeds up recovery after operations
• Improves mood
• Slows down aging
• Prevents various health conditions

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage:

- Heart disease
- Kidney failure
- Asthma
- Oncological diseases
- Lymph nodes diseases
- Pregnancy
- Inflammatory and infectious conditions
- Skin inflammations and dermatitis
- Varicose veins
- Thrombophlebitis
- Treatment with anticoagulants

What will you feel during the manual lymph drainage?

The manual lymphatic drainage technique is usually performed by slow and gentle pressure and is completely painless as it is applied to the whole body. To promote the movement of the lymph fluid, the therapist will warm and treat the skin without affecting the deeper tissues. You will enjoy light and pleasant circular bottom-up movements in the lymph towards the lymph nodes. You will feel the effects of this soothing and deeply relaxing experience with huge health benefits in the days following the drainage when you notice a decrease in swelling and enjoy relaxation and an energy boost.

What do we know about the lymphatic system?

Many people take good care of their heart, digestion, circulation, and muscles, but really few of us know how important our lymphatic system really is. It ensures the proper flow of the lymphatic fluid - the second most important fluid in our bodies after the blood. And if the blood takes care of "feeding" the body, the role of lymph is equally important for removing waste and toxins. It is our natural barrier against the everyday poisons and toxins that our body encounters, as well as against pathogenic organisms.

What is the role of the lymphatic system?

In the lymphatic system, about 2-2.5 liters of lymphatic fluid are formed every day, and it includes not only the channels, through which it flows, but also the lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, and the tonsils. It is formed from proteins, fats, lymphocytes, and fibrinogen. As it circulates through the body, lymph transports white blood cells, absorbs fatty acids and fats, and carries them around, picking up excess fluid, waste, bacteria, and pathogens from the body and taking them out of the body to ensure its healthy functioning.

If something in your body is not functioning well, or if you are exposed to too much pollution (very often this is what we get from our modern lifestyle and the food we eat), the congested lymph will not be able to carry the waste out. Then the waste clogs the liver, goes back into the circulatory system, and accumulates as fat in the body. Anyone can sense it's time for good lymphatic system cleansing, but not everyone will read the signals.

Why is lymphatic stasis dangerous?

When does a person have lymphatic stagnation?

How do you know that your lymphatic system is not functioning well and you urgently need a detox?
When you have stagnant lymph in your body it leads to intoxication because the lymphatic system fails to remove harmful substances that enter your body with your food or through your skin - chemicals, metals, pesticides, preservatives, and artificial food substances.

Here are some signs that can tell you it is time for lymphatic cleansing:

• Muscle weakness and muscle pain
• Frequent headaches
• Unexplained nausea
• Constant fatigue
• Feeling of heaviness in the body
• Frequent illness
• Dry skin, brittle nails and hair
• Weight gain, especially fat around the waist
• Digestive problems – gas, constipation, upset stomach, bloating

How is the lymphatic system detox and cleansing achieved?

The good flow of lymph in the body is mainly a result of the efficient work of the muscles, the diaphragm, and the circulatory system. Therefore, movements and physical activity are extremely important.

Usually, people with an active lifestyle and athletes do not have problems with the lymphatic system. But a large part of today's professions and our busy daily lives involve prolonged sitting or standing. And in case you cannot do sports and your lifestyle does not support your lymphatic system, the regular massage for cleansing your lymphatic system, the manual lymphatic drainage, will have a very good effect on your body.

Another very important thing is to hydrate your body regularly. Drink at least two liters of water a day or at least 30 ml/kg according to your body weight. The water should not be ice cold; it is even better if it is warm.

Drink warming and detoxifying teas.
If you sit at your desk all day, try to get up every 30 minutes to move around.
Swim and visit an infrared sauna regularly. The health benefits are great.

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