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~ Hermes Trismegistus

The Best Way to Say Thank You

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CARE WITH CARE - The best way to express gratitude is when you show care and attention

"Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for."
~ Zig Ziglar

Thank you, Merci, Danke, Grazie, Tack, Kiitos, Arigató, Spasibo ... every nation has their own special words to express gratitude. "Thank you" is the most powerful expression, charged with positive energy and is even more influential than "I love you". There is no ego in it, no expectation or pretentiousness. It is the pure gift of gratitude. When we thank someone, we build up a better personality and we become better people because gratitude unlocks the fullness of life and shares it with the others. “It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” It turns the little gesture into sharing love and affection.

Massage is not just a technique applied by a massage therapist. It is a therapy with care, personal attitude and personal attention. It gives you unforgettable moments of happiness and relaxation in an atmosphere of tranquility, aroma and delight. Make someone a present that will give them attention, care, health and a breath of peace after a stressful and hectic day. The trivial box of chocolates or bottle of whiskey do not have the symbolic meaning of the message as a thank you gift. The chocolates in the box will be eaten up and quickly forgotten, the whiskey in the bottle will be consumed or given to someone else, while your gesture that shows consideration and sincere attention will definitely be appreciated.

A gift for a physician. The best gift for doctor.

Gift idea for a medical team.
Show gratitude to your doctors, the professionals who are dedicated to save life and care of their patients. Make a thank you gift by ordering a massage at Padmalaya Massage Studio for the people who have brought you back to life or restored your health, supported you and gave you emotional strength in the moments of sickness or weakness. Their working day is exhausting and full of tension, the responsibility to their patients deserves respect and the work they do is tiring for both their body and mind. They need their time to rest and recharge. Massage will give them this deserved relaxation, and you will know that your gift has given them joy and happy moments of real relaxation.

The best gift idea for a teacher. The best gift for my coach.

Show gratitude to your teachers, coaches and all those wonderful people who are working hard to help you make achievements in your life. To take the right path towards these achievements to succeed, to acquire the necessary knowledge, gain strength and built our self-esteem and become people with true integrity, we all need our teachers. Teachers make us better people. Dedicated to their profession, dynamic, overloaded and willing to work on our personal growth, they often devote all their energy to their students and sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. The lack of self-care causes overwork, then pain and stiffness which may appear for brief periods or become a chronic issue. We may express our gratitude to them by giving them a bouquet of flowers, but flowers wither and then are forgotten while a massage will help them feel relaxed, refreshed and make this experience unforgettable moments of joy.

The best gift for a mother. A gift idea for a father.

Show your gratitude to your parents for being always by your side. Their invaluable role in your life is that they always support you, regardless of your mood, financial situation or your difficult nature. Thank them by ordering them a massage that will return the youthfulness to their eyes, give them moments of pleasure and a little time for themselves, take away the physical pain that is part of their getting older and thus just show more and more love for them.

A gift for a beloved woman. The best gift for your amaizing wife.

Show your gratitude to the woman who you love, to the mother of your children, or the beautiful valkyrie who is always by your side in your life battles, the one who turns your house into a home, irons your shirts, prepares dinner and works as hard as you, day after day, carrying out her tiring tasks at home and at work, without complaining and giving in. The woman who loves you unconditionally. Express your gratitude to her with a massage voucher. Giving her a thank you gift - massage voucher is also a symbol of pure love and delicate care.

A gift for your beloved man.

Show your gratitude to the man beside you because your prince also needs to remove his heavy knight armor and get some relaxation from his daily duties, busy schedules and the responsibilities towards the family life. Choose for him this present because the power of the professional massage will give him more energy for new achievements and success.

The best gift for a friend. A gift idea for my best friend.

Thank your good friends, the old comrades and the new ones who make your life better with more laughter and shared moments of happiness. Thank to those who are not indifferent figures in your life but bring diversity of experiences and emotions in your world of happiness. To those who are by your side to support you in your personal growth and who have always proved to you that they believe in you. Give them this present of a simple pleasure with Padmalaya's massages, then invite them for a drink.

Gift idea for the boss. The best gift for my boss. A gift for a manager.

Thank your boss. We believe that he is one of those managers who really appreciates their employees, motivates them and inspires them to achieve more success and personal happiness. Show gratitude to those bosses who work hard and know how to build for their employees a shield against the accumulated stress. The job satisfaction and happiness of the team also brings happiness to each member of the team, and a truly relaxed boss creates as a strong bond between the them. What can be a more appropriate gift for a boss than a massage offered by us?

A gift for your employees - The best Corporate Gift.

Be different, be "The best boss of the world". Show gratitude to your employees because they are the backbone of your organization and work hard day after day. Show them that you really value them, surprise them with this gesture of gratitude for their dedication, strong team spirit and hard work. Give them a moment of relaxation, a break away from the stressful and busy workday. Motivate them, stimulate them and they will thank you for your kindness with even better results and more efforts.

Are we missing someone? Do not spare your gratitude, because it always comes back to you and lands on your shoulder like a gentle butterfly with colorful wings. Choose a massage for a thank you gift and show gratitude to all the wonderful people in your environment who make you happy, make your day, make you feel good and a smile to appear on your face. A massage at Padmalaya Massage Center will make them smile, and they will pass on the happy feeling to those around them.

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