Relaxing massage in Sofia

Relaxing Anti-stress massage therapy for the Body and the Mind

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Hit the stop button on your daily stress Take a deep breath
A way to deal with headaches. Head, neck and shoulder massage for neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.
Forget about the headacheFor pain, stress and fatigue

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A Specialized Massage Technique that works on the Pressure Points on the Head / Scalp, Neck & Shoulders.
In the tapestry of our daily lives, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and neck discomfort can emerge as formidable adversaries, disrupting our well-being and hindering the pursuit of a harmonious existence. They often serve as messengers, signaling imbalances that demand our attention.

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Beauty therapy for the whole body and face. Full body massage and facial massage.
Bliss and beautyFull Body & face care

Beauty therapy - Comprehensive care

Face and Body massage with natural nourishing and beautifying oils. Trust and benefit from an ancient massage technique, combined with the magical healing effect of the natural plants. It has proven its beneficial power for centuries. Make yourself a gift and thus give your senses great pleasure with Beauty massage therapy. It nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth and makes your skin elastic, smooth and silky soft. This massage has a complete rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

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Antistress massage | Light massage for relaxation. Padmalaya massage center, Sofia
Delicate calmlight and pleasant

Relaxing massage

It is vital to take care of ourselves and to spare some time to relax our consciousness, and one of the best ways to do it, is to benefit from a relaxing massage. The relaxing massage applies softer techniques that release the body and the mind from the accumulated tension. It has a harmonizing effect, relaxes the muscles, relieves the pain and improves the overall health condition.

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Massage for couples in Sofia.
Harmony and balancemassage for couples

Sun and Moon Massage - for Him and for Her

This therapy is for those who want to renew their energy and recharge their vitality. This therapy is for those who seek peace and want to relax after a typical busy day. Share with your mate the pleasure of benefiting from our amazing boutique massage. Our experienced masseur will make you and your partner feel the positive effects of achieving body toning and relaxation.

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A relaxing holistic massage with Phytomer - .the leader in French cosmetics for face and body | from Padmalaya massage studio, Sofia
Ancient wisdom from the seamineral saturation

Holistic marine therapy

Awakening, healing, balancing and nourishing. Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this treatment offers a unique multisensorial experience based on Oligomer®, Phytomer's mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits. It provides perfect balance between light strokes and presses and between deep tissue massage and a gentle massage for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation.

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Relaxing massage with ozonated oil | Sofia | Professional massage therapists, specialized relaxing massages.
A well-deserved rest for every cellantistress

Massage with Ozonated oils

Breathe through your body. Breathe to heal your whole body – a dose of concentrated healthy air and delight with a wonderful smell that brings the spring to your mind. A touch of air that caresses your skin and recharges it with soothing energy thanks to the application of high-quality ozonated oils. Enjoy this sophisticated ritual and let your body benefit from a real anti-stress cocktail of pure high-quality ozonated oils.

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