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Sun and Moon massage therapy
Relaxing therapies

Massage „Sun and Moon” – Massage for Him and Massage for Her

This therapy is for those who want to renew their energy and recharge their vitality.
This therapy is for those who seek peace and want to relax after a typical busy day.
Share with your mate the pleasure of benefiting from our amazing boutique massage provided by our therapist.

Our experienced masseur will make you and your partner feel the positive effects of achieving body toning and relaxation. For the ladies our massage will be mostly a relaxing one and "For Him" it will be regenerating and energizing.
This treatment is available in two successive sessions - one for Him and one for Her. The therapy involves different combinations of massage techniques - East and West techniques, including various movements and acupuncture that lead to the awakening of the energy flow in the body. This massage approach helps the body to restore its state of harmony, improves the overall health condition and recharges you with new vitality.

The healing effect and the recovery as a result from this great massage therapy will give you invaluable relief and help you cope with the devastating consequences of the body tension.

This will be achieved in a most elegant way that will bring you delight and will unburden you from the accumulated stress.

There is no better way to synchronize your relaxation and that of the person next to you and thus together with him or her to enjoy the effect of the caring work of our therapist! We have a wonderful feedback that is a proof of the excellent service provided to our clients. They share their benefits from the special massage „Sun and Moon”, and express their gratitude of achieving harmony by devoting some of their precious time to this treatment.

Take your partner and come to see for yourself how our therapeutic massage "Sun and Moon” works for him and her.

The therapy includes two consecutive sessions.

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