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The massage is the art to help the body to replicate the healing powers of nature.

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Deep tissue massage
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Deep tissue massage in Sofia at Padmalaya Massage Center

Body care in depth. It heals and tones the muscles and awakens the mobility of the joints.

Deep-tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that applies more stable and deep pressure combined with slower and smoother movements. It focusses on treating the connective tissue and releasing the muscle tension without lowering the level of the client’s comfort.

The tension we accumulate day by day, both the lack of physical activity and the sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic tight or painful muscles.

Deep tissue massage defeats the pain by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The expansion of connective tissue and internal adhesions obstruct the blood flow and cause pain in the muscles and joints.

The massage has a soothing, toning and anti-inflammatory effect. The body tension is relieved and the body mobility is restored, and your body feels more flexible, mobile and lighter.

Deep tissue massage – a healing therapy that is applied in cases of:

• general stiffness of the body

• immobilization, limited mobility

• chronic back pain and plexitis pain and neuralgia

• internal adhesions of the connective tissue

• lower back pain and discopathy and disc herniation

• pain in sciatica and glutheus, pyloriform syndrome

• lipping pain

• neck pain and stiff neck

• recovery from injuries

• fibromyalgia

• osteoarthritis

• physical and emotional stress

• chronic migraines and headaches

• anxiety, insomnia

• tension and stress

Thanks to this therapy, the muscles relax and their recovery is accelerated. The procedure boosts the release of toxins from the body, balances the nervous system and blood pressure and has a favorable effect on the overall health.

When applied regularly, the deep-tissue massage is very beneficial, it improves your lifestyle, strengthens your immune system and improves the functioning of the whole organism and thus gives you the chance to live your life at ease full of pleasure and enthusiasm.
You can combine deep tissue massage with Reflexology (Foot massage).

After the application of a deep-drawn massage, you may experience mild muscle soreness or feel discomfort for a day or two. Drinking more water will help to get rid of toxins more efficiently and achieve a faster recovery.

Deep tissue massage in Sofia. Padmalaya Massage Studio. 11 Sveti Sedmochislenitsi St.

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