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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic signature  massage. Professional massage Sofia. Certified therapists.
Individual approachSignature massage

Signature massage

This type of massage enables the relaxation of the muscles, improves the lymphatic circulation, improves the overall health, relieves fatigue and stress and elevates your mood. It can also relieve tension, restore the normal levels of the blood pressure, and improve the metabolism and the functions of all organs and systems in the body. The main aim when applying this type of therapy, as well as any other massage, is achieving harmony and balance of the whole body.

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How does Cupping Massage performed by a professional therapist help? Treatment with suction cups - Vacuum massage
Cupping therapy for Healt and ImmunityVacuum massage

Cupping therapy

The cups were used in ancient times as a method for unclogging blocked meridians in the body so that vital energy Qi can flow freely in the body and the body can clear itself of toxins. The therapeutic effect of the cupping therapy is performed thanks to the vacuum that causes a rush of blood and lymph to the skin from the deep tissues, which in turn has a reflexive effect on the blood vessels of the internal organs.

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For the health of the lymphatic system - Manual lymphatic drainage. Padmalaya Massage Center | Sofia
With love to your lymphatic systemLymphatic system

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a highly effective, slow, and smooth technique that promotes the health of the lymphatic system by improving lymph flow and ensuring its proper circulation. It supports detoxification and removal of waste products in the metabolic processes, as well as various toxins built up in the tissues coming from the environment - bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals in the food, water, air, cosmetic products, and household chemical substances.

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Deep tissue massage - Caring for muscles, joints and fascia | Professional therapists. Padmalaya massage center, Sofia.
Body care in depthdeep tissue

Deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage is a powerful massage suitable for overall stiffness of the body caused by sedentary lifestyle, insomnia, chronic back pain and lower back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, physical and emotional stress, plexitis and even headaches. This massage thechnique enables the muscles relaxation and boosts the muscle recovery. Thanks to this massage the excretion of the toxins is fascilitated. When applied regularly the Deep tissue massage improves the functioning of the whole body.

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Sports massage for professional athletes and amateurs for good sports performance and injury-free sports | Sofia, Padmalaya Massage Center
For an active lifestylepreparatory

Sport massage

The sports massage is suitable for those who prefer a stronger and more intense massage that will stimulate them mentally and physically and help them prepare for another busy day. The sports massage relieves fatigue, reduces stress and improves the flexibility of the muscles, joints and tendons. It also improves the blood circulation and the lymphatic flow, as well asthe metabolism. There are different types of sports massage, such as: a preparatory, restorative massage or, trainin massage.

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Classic massage | Padmalaya Massage Center | Sofia
Rest for the bodyswedish massage

Classical Swedish massage

Classic massage - effectively relieves fatigue and restores freshness and tone by relaxing muscle tension and enhancing metabolic processes. It increases blood circulation, eases the work of the heart and lowers blood pressure. With frequent application, the massage has a pronounced prophylactic effect and increases the body's immune defense naturally.

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Restorative massage Sofia
Relieve the tensionrecovery

Restorative massage

Restorative healing massages include a combination of classical massage and other massage techniques. Its effectiveness is so high that not only athletes may benefit from it but also people who need quick and efficient recovery of their vital energy. Its strong beneficial effect is due to the elimination of the muscle tension and the improvement of the overall body condition.

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A way to deal with headaches. Head, neck and shoulder massage for neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.
Forget about the headacheFor pain, stress and fatigue

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A Specialized Massage Technique that works on the Pressure Points on the Head / Scalp, Neck & Shoulders.
In the tapestry of our daily lives, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and neck discomfort can emerge as formidable adversaries, disrupting our well-being and hindering the pursuit of a harmonious existence. They often serve as messengers, signaling imbalances that demand our attention.

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Massage with ozone for pain in the back, waist, joints. Professional massage at Padmalaya Massage Center | Sofia
The password for super powersozone therapy

Therapeutic massage with ozonized oils

Ozone is the most powerful antimicrobial agent in the nature. The pure ozonated oils used in the massage therapy are a natural healing agent that restores your well-being and skin beauty by achieving the best therapeutic benefits for you. The Recovery ozone therapy is suitable for those who need to get their body work again and want to strengthen and recharge their body, as well as for athletes before or after training.

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Healing massage with magnesium oil by professional massage therapist | Sofia
The Alchemy of Massage and Magnesium OilA symphony of benefits

Therapeutic massage with magnesium oil

Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is extremely important for our good physical and mental health. The modern lifestyle and diet lead to widespread magnesium deficiency. Massage with magnesium oil improves blood circulation, and relieves muscle tension, muscle pain, cramps, cramps and numbness in the limbs by allowing direct absorption of magnesium through the skin, resulting in rapid relief of ailments.

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Leg pain, foot pain. Effective massage for painful legs and feet.
Kicking chronic pain to the curbserious relief

Specialized therapeutic massage for leg and foot pain

Leg pain and foot pain can be distressing and debilitating conditions that affect people of all ages and lifestyles. This is our specialized therapeutic massage with an exclusive focus on the leg and foot - your allies in the fight against discomfort and pain, with a specialized therapeutic approach that refuses to settle for temporary fixes. Step into a world where pain is met with targeted relief, strategic healing, and a steadfast commitment to your mobility and quality of life.  Give your feet the break they’ve been begging for, and get back to stomping around pain-free. Let's get started.

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Massage therapy Sofia. Certified therapists. | Padmalaya Massage Centre.
Health from the sea and the mountainstherapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage with Sea lye and Arnica

A healing massage that not only relaxes the body, but also soothes the muscles by infusing the healing power of the Black Sea into the skin, enriched with magnesium salts and Arnica - an exceptional treatment from nature that promises a deep, restorative and toning effect on the whole body. 

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partial back massage | Sofia
Removes local painzone massage

Partial massage - Back or legs, or hands

Press ‘refresh’ on your entire being with a back massage that rewrites the narrative of your day, from stressed to supremely serene. Unlock a haven of relief where each stroke on your back turns the key a little more, releasing layers of stress and tension you didn’t even know you were carrying. The partial massage is applied locally, depending on your specific problem and choice. The techniques used are from classical or therapeutic massage. Let a targeted back massage melt away the burdens of the daily pain.

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Massage with hot stones. Hot Stone Massage for sore muscles, stiffness and tension Padmalaya massage center, Sofia.
Energy from the depths of the Earthhot stone massage

Massage with warm volcanic stones

If you're looking for a stress-relieving, relaxing, and deeply calming therapy, there's nothing better than a warm volcanic stone massage. If you have stiff muscles, limited mobility, and body aches and pains, then this massage is for you. Stress, back pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression or anxiety, poor blood circulation, stagnant lymph - all these problems can be relieved by a pleasant, relaxing, and healing massage with warm volcanic stones.

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Anti-cellulite massage | Sofia
Removal of accumulationssay not to cellulite

Anti-cellulite massage

The application of anti-cellulite massage helps the body to cope with the cellulite deposits. The anti-cellulite massage drains the tissues, stimulates the metabolism and the excretion of the toxins from the body. The blood circulation and the lymphatic flow are improved. Poisonous substances are disposed faster and the cells are recovered more quickly, the metabolism is improved which helps the excess fat to be removed and improves the skin elasticity.

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