The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

~ Hermes Trismegistus

How to outwit stress - To my Body with Love

I am not my body, but my body is my home

I am not my body, but my body is my home.
It is the connection with the world in which I live, it feels, suffers and celebrates together with me... There are many claims that in today's fast time we lose connection with our soul, but can we communicate with the soul at all if we do not have a full dialogue with the body ? Do we see the signals it sends us?

Do we hear his silent whisper? Do we recognize his friends and enemies?
We often forget that the body is the only ship with which we sail through the stormy ocean of life, and we cannot just replace it with a breakthrough.

Combat stress with massage
My body, my home
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I am not my body, but my body is my home. My body is my connection with the world in which I live. My body feels, suffers and shares my triumphs with me...

More and more people realize that in our dynamic life we lose touch with our souls. How can you communicate with your soul if you do not have a meaningful conversation with your body? Do you see the signals that your body sends to you? Can you hear its silent whispers? Do you recognize its friends and its enemies?

We often forget that our bodies are the only ship that we rely on to sail through the stormy ocean of our lives, and we cannot just replace our ship in case of shipwreck or a disaster. We, the modern people, tend to develop a typical human habit of overburdening our bodies, neglecting the need to ensure a harbor where to rest and we simply say: "Not now, I have no time, maybe another time ...” We find this behavior acceptable when we try to answer the questions of our children, when we are overwhelmed because of our careers and family responsibilities, or endless a series of urgent and important tasks that "are not to be delayed". Thus, while living our lives full of little ups and downs, we experience a great deal of accumulated stress - the invisible Lord of our modern times.

The human body is a perfectly balanced system. Your emotions are constantly "communicating" with your body, and most illnesses and disorders are due to the disturbance of the balance in this conversation. Chronic stress poisons your energy – first it contaminates your mind and feelings, then absorbs into your body and turns into a toxic waste. The emotional impurities weaken your immune system and lead you to a burnout. Then you rush to see your doctor, go through dozens of medical tests, read about symptoms and diagnoses on the Internet and get even more frustrated. You may go from one extreme to the other- you simply start reading plenty of self-help books and try denying stress, ignoring it, pretending that you feel really happy 24-hours a day - without any rest, without experiencing any moments of sadness, without any moments of fear. What an exhaustive life you are living...

Stress can reach you everywhere at any time – it can be a situation, an obstacle, your restless mind or simply the way you have chosen to live your life.

Whether we want it or not, we have to admit that we live in a world where stress is inevitable and often grows into anxiety. There is no point in lying to ourselves that it can be destroyed, but it can be overcome and outwit.

To change the images in your mind and thoughts that are haunting you, you should start changing your body first. When you love your body it becomes strong and has the energy to dominate over your fear and stress. This is your body and if you treat it with care, caress and love, it will taper off the apocalyptic tension, calm your nerves and bring you some peace.

When you love your body it keeps your body in motion.

Stagnation and immobility; body stagnation and mind immobility are equivalent to both body and mind dying slowly. According to some studies, when you spend long hours in a sitting position, you not only distort your posture and get cramps, but it shortens your lifespan. Leave your car to rest and start walking your typical way of going to work at least on weekends. While walking, avoid counting your steps and forcing yourself, just have fun. Go jogging, do yoga, jump on trampoline, pick up an activity that best corresponds to your temperament type and mood. Take a deep breath, open your lungs to the full and unleash your body’s true potential, breathe and enjoy the momentum, do not play games with your mind, let your mind soar as you move in harmony and ease.

When you love your body it makes you enjoy laughing.

Laughter protects the heart, reduces blood sugar levels, has an analgesic effect on the spine and improves blood circulation. Moreover, if you laugh longer you can skip the gym because laughter tightens your abdominal muscles and shapes your body. So you will be able to fit into your favorite swimming costume and feel happy on the beach. Laugh as often as you can, laugh sincerely and with your whole heart, without blaming yourself, without being sarcastic or mocking; laugh without hesitation, laugh loudly. Laughter is infectious, and somebody else who needs it may catch it.

When you love your body it connects with your body and feelings.

Love is all and everything and everywhere. Sometimes we see love in pink, sometimes in gray, but love always exists and we feel its touch on our lips, in our words, eyes, palms and tears ... Everything in the world is based on love. Do not lock your love somewhere deep in yourself, do not turn it into fear, hatred or frustration. Feel full of love inside yourself! And if you start feeling it as a burden - scream, cry, but do not keep it locked inside you because love exists only when it floats freely. Tears are a great way to help you hyperventilate and let go of your unnecessary and unwanted emotions.

When you love your body it loves being touched.
Feed it with a gentle touch, beautiful sensations and pleasant aromas. Aromatherapy has positive effect on many diseases and improves metabolism. Fragrances pass through the skin and interact with the brain. Lavender calming effect reduces stress, salvia hydrates, mint improves digestion, juniper improves kidney performance, chamomile helps fight not only internal tension but also skin problems and acne, tutsan overcomes insomnia. Aromatherapy and proper dosing of essential oils regenerate your body and reset your mind.

Different body massages treatments make you feel reborn and renew your body and mind. Eastern techniques, based on acupressure and acupuncture, treat the body as a system of medians responsible for the regulation of the internal organs. Each median is a channel through which the vital energy flows (called kundalini, prana, chi or qi). When your body experiences stress or is under extreme pressure, these channels are clogged with emotional waste. It prevents the free flow of "chi" and you begin to suffer from a variety of health problems. Eastern massages aim to clear the blockages in your body that interfere with the free energy circulation and thus restore your tone and health.

Restorative and deep-tissue massage target your muscles and bone system, remove toxins from your body, relieve and eliminate pain and improve your overall health. Beauty body massage and relaxing massage are really bliss therapies. They bring you back your confidence and make you have the wonderful feeling that you are really beautiful and feel good in your body.

The best investment in your own health is the time that you devote to yourself, the time when you manage to connect with your body and reach your innermost being - beyond the tricks of your ego, away from everything that is not part of you. And when the dark shadow of the lurking stress Demon appears, you will have the determinationto say to him: "Not this time,Fapoc thank you. You are not part of my body or my mind. I can manage my life perfectly well without you. I can outwit you. Hide somewhere and watch what I can do without you!"

For Padmalaya: Teodora Slavova

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