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Masage for back pain. Massage center Padmalaya in Sofia.
Back pain and lower back pain
Why do we ignore the pain?
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Massage for pain in the legs, arms, joints

The unpleasant and sometimes intolerable sensation of pain in the upper and lower limbs might be a result of fatigue, inflammatory process, dysfunction of the joints, tensed ligaments or muscles due to an infection, impaired blood circulation, etc. When the blood circulation in the limbs is impaired, the legs and arms might become numb and some muscle spasms might appear.

Pain in the joints
Pain in the legs and pain in the arms
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Lasting relief
Foot massage and foot massage | Padmalaya massage center, Sofia

The benefits of foot massage are numerous: it relieves joint pain, muscle pain and leg pain, maintains healthy blood pressure and heart rate, relieves headaches and migraines, improves muscle tone and balance, fights depression and anxiety, as well as insomnia . See how reflexology works.

About the benefits of reflexology
What does a foot massage help with?
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Manage it
Massage for sciatica nerve pain. How to trat the pain in the largest nerv of the body.

Sciatica pain is usually due to sciatic nerve pinching or inflammation, degenerative tissue changes, intervertebral disc cartilage dystrophy, spines, pressure on spinal nerves, and lifestyle factors such as immobility and obesity.

Sciatica Unveiled
Pinpointing the Culprit Behind the Pain
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