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Pain in the joints, legs, arms

Therapeutic massage for painful joints

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The unpleasant and sometimes intolerable sensation of pain in the upper and lower limbs might be a result of fatigue, inflammatory process, dysfunction of the joints, tensed ligaments or muscles due to an infection caused by viruses, impaired blood circulation, etc.

When the blood circulation in the limbs is impaired, the legs and arms might become numb and some muscle spasms might appear, as well as a loss of strength, a sensation of heaviness, swelling of the legs, and varicose veins.

Fatigue is the most common reason that causes pain in the arms and pain in the legs. A good massage can help you get rid of the unpleasant sensations and pain in your limbs and give you a feeling of lightness and joy.

Pain in the elbow or elbow joints

Some sportsmen, athletes and people who deal with heavy physical activities often experience pain in the elbow, the so called tennis-elbow.

In most cases the reason for the pain is not in the elbow joint itself. It is usually an inflammation of the elbow ligament and overstrained muscles of the hand.

In such cases a visit to a massage studio and a good rest will help you get rid of the problem and the pain in the elbows.

Pain in the Toes

Impaired blood circulation might to pain, as well as to numbness of the toes. The toes are the most remote parts of the body. This is one of the reasons the blood that reaches them to supply less oxygen. The traumas that resulted from sprained leg or injury can also lead to pain in the toes. When a massage is applied the muscles and ligaments relax, the joints become more flexible, the blood circulation is improved, the sensation of numbness is eliminated and the pain goes away.

Painful shoulder joint

The sensation of pain in the shoulder might be due to inflammation, tensed muscles and ligaments or a problem in the shoulder joint known as peri-arthritis or frozen shoulder. The reason for this condition might be overstrain, a trauma, tension or a static pose such as sitting in front of a computer or driving for a long time.

When appropriate massage therapy is applied the ligaments and the muscles are relaxed, the joints become more flexible and the pain goes away.

Another important factor is the healthy life style. An appropriate diet and regular physical activities or more exercising such as walking will help you control the level of stress and the overstrain.

In case you do not have enough spare time to take care of the problem, a visit to a massage studio and a massage at least once a week will help you avoid the unpleasant symptoms caused by the overstrain and fatigue, and will improve your health condition.

Health is happiness which is supposed to be our natural condition.

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