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Back pain how to deal with it?

Upper back pain and lower back pain

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Back pain and lower back pain are common symptoms that many people have. Perhaps this is what makes us ignore the pain and take no action

We postpone taking care of ourselves because we simply think it is not a serious problem. People apparently do not make efforts to alleviate the pain and improve their health, so to avoid serious health problems the symptoms must become our priorities. Do you agree?

If you do not want to tolerate the pain, we will share our tips with you. We will start with the idea how some simple everyday activities can reduce the risk of having the unpleasant back symptoms. To those who have not benefited from any prevention to stop the symptoms we will reveal our secrets how you can deal with pain and get rid of it.

How to avoid back pain?

Exercise - regular exercises help you strengthen your body and maintain healthy body weight. Experts say that light exercises like aerobics are the most effective way. You should choose to perform activities that do not strain your back. After each period of decreased body mobility you should start with light exercises. Activities such as walking, swimming and biking can increase muscle strength and elasticity. The "Sunny greeting" yoga tones the body and boosts the energy, and takes only a few minutes.

Eat healthy and take plenty of fluids. Nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy bones, joints and cartilage. What you need is food with calcium, fluoride and magnesium – preferably derived from organic substances, not in the form of tablets.

Maintain a healthy body weight - it helps you to maintain good health and avoid back pain.

Sit at the computer in the most suitable way - if you regularly use a computer, it is important to make sure that your chair has a good support for your back and head. Experts recommend several postures as suitable ones when we sit at our desk. The most important is the backbone to be straight, and the lower back to be supported. It is also recommended that your knee is positioned at a suitable level that is similar to that of the pelvis, or slightly lower. Doctors advise us to keep our head upright and our eyes be focused around the middle of the monitor. For the right posture of the body it is important to keep your feet next to each other on the ground, not to cross them.

Change the position of your body as frequently as possible, when you have to sit for longer periods of time try to do it every 30-40 minutes, also try to stand up and walk for 5-10 min. Walk around the office or do gentle stretching to relieve muscle tension. A small pillow or a rolled towel placed behind your lower back will provide additional support and comfort your back. If you have to sit for longer periods of time, do short exercises.

Keep your back warm – back pain and cervical and spine problems are often caused by hypothermia and moisture.

Be careful when lifting heavy objects - remember that your legs must take the pressure of the load, not your back. When lifting objects, keep your back straight so that you can maintain good balance, bend only your knees and keep the load close to your body.

Choose a mattress that keeps your spine straight – this is one of the most important things that you should do to take care of your back.

Avoid rooms with air conditioning - if this is not possible, avoid standing in the way of the airflow.

Wear comfortable shoes with low heels and in case of deformities, wear insoles.

What can we do if the pain already makes us suffer?

There is a great number of recommendations how to deal with back pain but and they depend on the specific reasons that cause the complaints. The medical opinions how we should interpret the symptoms vary. Most experts agree that more exercises and walking, the right posture while working and the good sleep are the things we should never forget. When they are not helpful enough, some people choose to benefit from the traditional or alternative medicine, other even consider having a surgery.

The approaches in dealing with the health problems are different but the focus is the desire the balance in the body to be achieved. This is our focal point in our work. We consider massage therapy as one of the most effective tools that restores the harmony in the body.

The medical experts have already admitted that massage therapy is an adequate treatment for different types of back pain, as well as a supportive therapy to other types of medical approach. We want to share with you the main benefits that massage gives people who suffer from these symptoms. The actual list of health problems that can be eliminated is a lot longer and we will tell you more about it.

A quality massage improves the blood circulation and thus the muscles and tissues receive the necessary nutrients. This effect of the massage reduces soreness after exercise and protects the soft tissues from injury.

The tension caused by tightness in the muscles is reduced – when the muscles are relaxed the body flexibility and the quality of sleep are significantly improved.

When a massage is applied, more endorphin in the brain is released, which boosts the mood and reduces the stress and tension. This is an important factor in the reduction or eliminating of the pain.

The massage is prevention and treatment against stress and physical pain and is extremely effective for treatment of pain in the neck, shoulders, back and lower back. When we mean a real healing massage, it must cause relaxation of the muscles and relieve them so that they can function normally.

By harmonizing the nervous system and relieving the body from the muscle tension, the massage maintains the vital energy in the body. The body is seen in its unity - an ancient principle in medicine, but unfortunately forgotten by modern doctors.

We recommend massage therapy if you suffer from these symptoms. And in case you just want to be healthy, strong and to protect yourself from unwanted pain, then a massage once a week or once every two weeks is the ideal choice for you.

These are just a few of the advantages that the massage gives people who have chosen the massage therapy to improve their life style. You can learn more in the articles that follow, or just by trusting the magical hands of our therapists. We will apply individual approach to your problem and include healing techniques and methods that will be performed by our skillful therapists. The tips for correct body posture that we will give you will be tailored to your health condition and work environment. What is most important is that you know you are in good hands!

Thank you and be healthy!

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