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The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Make the Special Gift of Massage with Massage packages for your loved ones.

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Make a gift of health and relaxation

Health is the most valuable gift, and the most wonderful gifts are those that we give to our loved ones.

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Why are we tired? How to fight stress? What to do with insomnia? How to recognize energy blockages and clear them?

The best investment in our own health is the time we spend on ourselves.

To my body with love

How to outwit stress

I am not my body, but my body is my home. My body is my connection with the world in which I live. My body feels, suffers and shares my triumphs with me... More and more people realize that in our dynamic life we lose touch with our souls. How can you communicate with your soul if you do not have a meaningful conversation with your body? Do you see the signals that your body sends to you?

Tips for achieving a more relaxed and better sleep

How to combat Insomnia

Most people are not able to fall asleep on "command," but an evening preparation will help your brain to get ready for sleep. Our “sleep system”, along with most of our neurophysiological systems, prefers to receive from the brain signals that are predictable and consistent. Why is this so? Because consistency and predictability are "boring" - they are calm, slow and safe functions...

You owe yourself a moment of harmony
Listen to the wise voice of your body
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