The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Sometimes we just need a massage

Give your self a relax time

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Imagine being able to steal an hour out of your hectic everyday life to multiply your joy, peace and energy.This is exactly the effect of a good massage - to remove all accumulated stress and fatigue, relieve pain and relax you.This happens as a result of the skill of an experienced and talented therapist who knows the human body well and knows how to have a beneficial effect on it through the tools of different types of massage.

A full-body massage improves blood circulation and has a deeper and longer-lasting effect than a partial massage.It is enough to allow yourself such a massage once a week or every two weeks to keep pain and stress away from you.If, however, the first pain is already a fact or you are under stress and tension, do not wait for it to become unbearable - then it will cost you more, not counting nerves, insomnia and discomfort.It is best to do the massages at a certain interval - you yourself can determine the right one for you.Thus the accumulated tension is released and the body relaxes.This is especially important for people whose lifestyle is associated with immobility, static working posture, stress, chronic back diseases, discopathies, overstrain, plexitis, arthrosis, arthritis, and injuries.The list is long and so is the journey to realizing that pain is not something we should make a part of our lives.

The most common cause of pain is muscle spasm, which is very well affected by massages combined with essential oils.And the processing of the acupressure points that block the free flow of energy along the meridians complements the effect of the massage.Working on the relevant areas of the feet and palms (reflexology) can also relieve pain.Massage for back pain reduces tension in the shoulders, shoulder blades and neck, as well as the feeling of pain and discomfort in the lower back. Relaxing massage - reduces tension and fatigue in the body.

The magic of massage happens mainly by harmonizing the nervous system and releasing the body from muscle tension.Except when needed, a massage can be a wonderful start or end of the day, as well as a nice gift for a loved one - what could be better than giving health as a gift.We are waiting for you to take care of you and your body as it deserves.

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